Best Analytics tools available for data visualization


To make the best use of the data available in hand, it is essential to churn them into meaningful insights. And for a better understanding of the story it tells, we should be able to visually depict them and communicate it to others.

Data analytics is a recent field which is evolving and many of the people are not familiar with the ways of understanding the data. To facilitate all organizations and enterprises to understand the insights given by the data to back-up their decision making, Data visualization tools are becoming an important tool in working lives as it offers powerful features like user-friendliness and ease of accessibility.

Top dashboards and visualization tools are cloud-based so that the data can be accessed anywhere. Other key trends are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), automation, augmentation, and self-teaching applications. According to Gartner, by 2025, data stories will be the most widespread way of consuming analytics, and 75% of stories will be automatically generated using augmented analytics techniques.

Here are some dedicated visualization tools with notable capabilities available today:


Microsoft’s business analytics platform, PowerBI makes it simple even for beginners to start creating interactive dashboards and charts to visualize their company’s data. The queries can be made in normal conversational language and the PowerBI could deliver clear and eye-catching graphics quickly. It also allows distributed teams to work collaboratively using Microsoft’s cloud business services.


Tableau is considered as one of the best tools for data visualization. Even after getting acquired by Salesforce last year, it is available for free as Tableau Public. Tableau is also a cloud-based analytics solution, providing BI services and helps the user to make better decisions by extracting and graphically representing the exact meaning of the data.


Qlik offers powerful data visualization and business intelligence (BI) platforms that are used by around 50,000 users across the world. Along with data visualization, QlikSense offers other analytical tools for data exploration, conversation analytics, and augmented intelligence. Thus it can collect data from multiple sources, even from the external cloud services and can analyze them with their flexible Connect and API functions.

Dundas BI

Dundas BI is an attractive choice for many of the organizations as it can be embedded into the existing system and applications to enhance their visualization and analytics capabilities

Other suitable data visualization tools that are suitable with cloud technologies and can help with the collaborative ecosystem are: Infogram, Google Charts, Looker, Paraview and Excel


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