Big Data Analytics having its say in Digital Manufacturing


The digital revolution has shaken manufacturing sector as well and has discovered immense opportunities within the area. The Manufacturing companies were using digital technologies to exchange data and store the data mainly. Then came the advent of big data analytics that changed the way how companies could utilize the digital data available with them to drive growth and improve quality of products. The manufacturers increasingly rely on analytics so as to improve its product offerings and shipments. The analytics is currently the enabler of getting new data in manufacturing areas. It helps in forecasting the customer demands. The predictive analytics also helps in smart manufacturing by identifying the fault with defective products, data generations and its management. Another benefit of big data analytics is that it makes way for process verification to monitor the products that reduces expense and time in manufacturing.

There are different ways in which analytics impacts digital manufacturing. This may lead to optimal use of equipment’s that helps in increasing sales. Planning-execution and integration of production centers and the real-time integration are the two other areas where analytics has a direct impact and their operating expenses (OPEX). The analytics steers to demand forecasting, supplier integration that leads to the enforcement of the digital manufacturing related system. Analytics is mostly used by manufacturers to scale the operational intelligence, diagnostics and monitoring across global centers.

Analytics is extensively used for traceability and supplier audits and to find failures with the machines so as to improve the production within a company. Analytics recovers the production level and improves the quality and performance within a digital manufacturing system. The analytics succors to provide operator intelligence, condition based maintenance and remote monitoring with the increasing complexity of the business that makes the manufactures go for the data analytics.


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