Big Data Tools for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in 2020


Data always reside in the massive warehouses, pipelines, and lakes, and to connect the gap between enterprises and business markets big data forms a channel that helps businesses to move towards a data-driven future. To solve these issues analytics insight complies the top big data tools of 2020  for data analytics and business intelligence

Apache Hadoop

It is an open-source software framework especially used for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware, it gives software framework for distributed storage and helps in processing of big data using the MapReduce programming model. Apache Hadoop is a highly scalable storage platform which can store and distribute big data across hundreds of inexpensive server, where the user can increase the size of the cluster by adding a new node.


It is the next-generation database that helps in business transforms their operation by harnessing the power of the document database and NoSQL database. Robustness is its greatest strength and is capable of far more flexible than the Hadoop and also it is written in C++. It is a very JavaScript-friendly database and it is schema-less which means don’t need to pre-define a structure for the data before storing it.


It is a comprehensive, unified solution that supports the entire enterprise big data cycle. It offers an array of analytics solutions such as data integration and access for data visualization, embedded analytics, cloud analytics, and predictive analytics, etc.


It is the leading NoSQL, distributed database management system which is suited for hybrid and multi-cloud environment. It is a highly scalable, high performance distributed database which is designed to handle large amounts of data. It allows us to replicate the data to other data centers and keep multiple copies in multiple locations.


It is a software platform for the bigdata science team that can unite data prep, machine learning, statistical modeling, predictive analytics evaluation, and deployment. It is free of charge, an open-source software tool used especially for data mining and text mining, and is the most powerful and graphical user interface for designing of analysis processes. It is written in the Java programming language.


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