Bisleri launches a new sustainability crusade, Bisleri Greener Promise

Bisleri-Bisleri Greener Promise
Bisleri-Bisleri Greener Promise

Bisleri International, one of the first consumer goods companies to come plastic-neutral and water positive, has unveiled its sustainability crusade- Bisleri Greener Promise. The crusade highlights the part of Bisleri as a responsible commercial married towards water security, plastic recycling, and creating an indirect frugality.

To strengthen its charge of a greener future for all, the crusade highlights the trip of Bisleri International towards used plastic by upcycling it into apparel, academy bags, and benches, amongst others. either, it showcases the work accepted towards conserving water and structure Check heads, creating a greener substance for generations to come.

Opening on the new crusade, Angelo George, principal administrative officer, Bisleri International, said, “At Bisleri International, sustainability is an abecedarian value guiding all our conduct. We take immense pride in our achievement of getting a plastic-neutral and water-positive enterprise. Our innovative practices, strategic hook-ups, and devoted brigades have helped us to successfully neutralize our plastic footmark and replenish further water to the terrain than we consume in our operations. still, we fete sustainability as an ongoing trip. We’re committed to perfecting our practices by embracing inventions as part of the Bisleri Greener Promise to produce a better world.”

Opening on the creativity of the crusade, Anuraag Khandelwal, CCO India of 82.5 Dispatches said,” piecemeal from being synonymous with drinking water, Bisleri, over the times, has created as important heart space as mind space, with consumers. Besides being the nation’s most loved packaged drinking water brand, Bisleri’s harmonious sweats to give back to the earth is also unmatched. This is a curtain supplement for the world to see what Bisleri does in silence for the world it envisages. The raspberry is a charm of the world Bisleri is creating and its proud trip to getting Plastic Neutral and Water Positive. The communication gets conveyed in true Bisleri style, without being ‘gyaani’.”

Conceptualized by 82.5 Dispatches, the crusade will be promoted across digital platforms and blogs. The aesthetically shot film showcases the company’s enterprise and precedences, which are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Bisleri has been a trailblazer in its sweats towards getting a responsible commercial reality, and the Bisleri Greener Promise crusade highlights this fact. The crusade is a personification of Bisleri’s fidelity to promoting water security, plastic recycling, and creating an indirect frugality. Through this crusade, the company seeks to raise mindfulness about its enterprise that is geared toward environmental sustainability.

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