Coca-Cola introduces the ‘Create Real Magic’ AI platform as part of its new promotion.

Coca Cola
Coca-Cola introduces the 'Create Real Magic' AI platform as part of its new promotion

The company has released the first consumer program that brings together the features of ChatGPT as well as DALL-E.

Coca-Cola recently unveiled a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence program that combines the features of ChatGPT as well as DALL-E to assist digital creators all over the world in unleashing their maximum creative potential. The platform is part of their worldwide ‘Create Real Magic’ promotion. Creators can access dozens of branded elements – including the unique Coca-Cola contour bottle as well as Spencerian script logo to storied symbols from Coke’s promotion archives such as Coca-Cola Santa Claus as well as Polar Bear – as a starting point for AI-powered experimentation as well as creative iteration by visiting until March 31. Creators can submit their work to be displayed on Coke’s electronic billboards in New York’s Time Square and Piccadilly Circus in London. However, the advertising effort is only available in a few nations. According to James Quincey, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, “we’re thrilled to let lose the forthcoming wave of creativity through this rapidly emerging technology.” We see opportunities to improve our advertising efforts through cutting-edge artificial intelligence, as well as methods to improve our company’s operations and capabilities.” Pratik Thakar, the International Director of Creative Strategy as well as Integrated Content at the Coca-Cola Trademark, adds that “Create Real Magic” demonstrates the company’s dedication to rapidly testing, learning, and scaling ideas using AI. “We’re going at the pace of culture in an innovative program that’s very real for those who create. It’s a test to see in which co-creation can take us.” “‘Create Real Magic’ provides digital artists with an unparalleled chance to play in a custom-built sandbox driven through GPT-4 as well as DALL-E, and democratizes both our company’s iconography and most visible advertising assets,” Thakar says.
In addition, four artificially intelligent artists – Emma Sofija (United States), Chris Branch (Europe), Paul Parsons (Europe), and Ean Hwa Huag (Asia) – have launched a crowdsourcing effort by creating custom art with the platform and Coca-Cola assets. As part of the campaign, 30 creators will be chosen to attend the ‘Real Magic Creative Academy,’ a three-day workshop curated by Coke’s Global Design as well as Creative teams in collaboration with OpenAI, at The Coca-Cola Company’s global offices in Atlanta this summer. The collective will co-create material for Coca-Cola licensed merchandising, digital collectibles, and other uses, and participants will be recognized for their efforts. The campaign forms a component of Coca-Cola’s global brand platform “Real Magic,” which is based on the idea that magic exists in unforeseen instances of connectedness that elevate the ordinary into the exceptional, according to the brand.

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