‘Bitbns Academy’ an initiative by QuantInsti and Bitbns


Bitbns, a cryptocurrency exchange, has teamed up with QuantInsti to develop Bitbns Academy, an online education platform that provides educational courses, tools, and instructional content on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Bitbns Academy is a comprehensive digital education platform that offers worldwide authorized certified courses teaching the foundations of cryptography and also assisting applicants to gain a deeper grasp of the field. The content has been carefully crafted to cater to people from all walks of life, including novices, enthusiasts, and seasoned investors.

‘Introduction to Crypto,’ ‘Risk Management,’ ‘Margin Trading,’ and ‘Technical Analysis’ are the four modules that make up the program. Chapters making up the module provide an easy way to learn.

The venture is a result of the partnership between Bitbns and QuantInsti, an ed-tech platform that has experience of over a decade of providing quantitative-based learning courses. They aim to provide a seamless and high-quality learning experience. QuantInsti conducts professional programs in the contemporary fields of Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading as a pioneer Algorithmic Trading Research and Training Institute.

Speaking about the same Nitesh Khandelwal, CEO, QuantInsti, expressed his delight, at the association with Bitbns and the chance to bring the Quantra learning management system (LMS) to the people. Allowing them to learn through paper trading and then apply it to real life.

The course has been crafted and selected to emphasize the best practices in crypto trading while also providing step-by-step guidance to developing a thorough understanding of the subject. The program’s modules include infographics, essays, tutorial videos, and other content that caters to users of different skill levels.

The classes would offer a complete go-to guide for crypto investing, ranging from understanding crypto to mastering sophisticated Python APKs.

All Bitbns platform users will have access to the academy, which allows them to take certified courses for free. Bitbns Academy also plans to expand the curriculum in the future, with new certification courses and more noteworthy information. To guarantee maximum exposure, the courses are available for free after a quick registration on the Bitbns platform.

Bitbns is known for offering innovative solutions and the safest way to conduct crypto transactions, as well as providing exclusive perks to its consumers, as it works to improve the overall user experience. Bitbns hopes to develop more and more informed crypto investors outside of urban regions with this functionality.

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