bizAR incorporates Virtual Reality into the digital transformation


Technology is developing day by day with more and more opportunities, with new market and innovations. Amidst the pandemic, research and development and investments in emerging fields like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine learning are increasing day by day. Among these technologies, Virtual reality has become a prominent term around the globe.

Telecommunication industry may introduce 5G technology in the near future and this boosts the adoption of the digital economy. Virtual reality helps organizations in engaging their customers with innovative ways in their marketing and promotion. bizAR reality is a B2B organization in South Africa, has successfully developed, designed and implemented Virtual Reality solutions for some of the world’s largest companies. bizAR helps an organization to incorporate Virtual reality into their business operations. bizAR is focusing on Animated virtual reality as well as 3600 virtual reality images and videos.

One of the major confusions existing in the field of Virtual reality is the difference between 3600 virtual reality images and videos with Virtual reality experience. 3600 virtual reality images and videos are filmed using the specialised cameras, whereas computer-generated virtual reality is designed with the help of various software programs, which creates immersive 3D simulation.

Animated virtual reality provides a new experience to the user. It can simplify complex concepts and create a better experience, provides educational experiences and interactive adventures. Organizations can use the technology in marketing activities and thereby take an edge over the competitor.

3600 virtual reality videos and images are filmed with a high tech camera and are developed according to the needs and wants of the organization to attain value-driven objectives. 3600 virtual reality images and videos are now using to enhance the customer decision-making process, saves time and effort.

Every organization is now undergoing digital transformation. From HR to Marketing, every business function is now digitally preparing to face the challenges in the near future. In the coming days, automation will become a part of daily life. Virtual reality is a vital technology, has applications in advertising, media and entertainment. Apple and Facebook have already developed virtual reality devices and these will reach the market very soon. Global virtual reality market size was valued at $10.32 billion in 2019. It is now becoming an integral part of gaming and e-commerce industry. Every organization should become digitally prepared in future and virtual reality technology cannot be avoided from the business functions. The implementation of it will depend upon the needs and requirements of the organization.