Data Mining in Games: Case Study


The gaming industry has been one of the most lucrative industries there is for a long time. With a population of active gamers ranging from 10 to 50 and even more than 50, the gaming industry has always been a stable industry.

With the advent of time games began to get more interactive and more complicated.  With artificial intelligence with games making it harder by giving enemies that can counter your every move, where playing games is not just blindly shoot or running around but to play with strategy.

Big Data Analytics and Gaming

With the current pandemic forcing everyone to stay indoors more, people are searching more ways to kill time and have fun. The online gaming platform has become very active during the pandemic. Online games like poker and pool are becoming increasingly popular. With people competing against other people online for money these games are giving customers an opportunity to gain money and to have the satisfaction of winning. But a game like this with millions of people playing online is bound to have problems. This is where big data analytics comes. The data produced by online gamers is collected and then later used to personalize the gaming experience. Online games also use browser history to understand the customers buying patterns and display relevant advertisements hence earning money. Big data analytics uses the information gained from online gamers to further make the game even more interesting. The playing patterns of the gamers can be used to send gamers daily reminders about great jackpot opportunities to entice the gamers to play the game and spend money on it.

Big data and game development

Big data analytics can also be used to develop better games. This particular method is used for games which have sequels like The Witcher, Cyberpunk, Assassins Creed etc. The data from previous games are used to understand which game play gamers usually spend time on, which type of enemy they find difficulty in defeating etc. This data is then used to develop better and harder games so that the customers have a better and more delightful gaming experience.


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