Blockchain helps to create job opportunities for Indian IT Engineers in Japanese Firms


NEC has collaborated with PERSOL JOB CO. to deliver a proof of concept targeted at businesses looking to recruit international IT engineers. The project is focused on the principle of self-sovereign identification, where individual identification holders can ‘completely establish and manage their identity’ Six firms in Japan, including GMO Internet Inc and Wired Beans Co, are involved in the recruiting phase. Engineers who work in the program will be expected to take an IT qualifications examination where knowledge, expertise, accomplishments, and resumes are validated.

Points to be checked by this PoC shall contain the following:
1. Analyzing the requirements of India-based IT engineers seeking to serve in Japan
2. Streamlining the recruiting process for Japanese management companies
3. Ensure the soundness of the computer capabilities test

In the past decade, the shortage of Sufficient human capital in Japan has become a major problem and it is projected that this deficiency could strike up to 800,000 citizens by 2030. In the light of Japan ‘s extreme rivalry for IT human capital, it is necessary to recruit and maintain talented foreign human resources to further reshape the Japanese economy and improve its competitiveness.

In these conditions, job-seekers need to digitally and easily authenticate their knowledge, expertise, and qualifications that can not be assessed by traditional interviews and resumes. Similarly, employers must have exposure to the expertise of work seekers.

This PoC would be introduced with a mobile framework that leverages AONT technology, both built by NEC, as well as blockchain technology. Job seekers can safely and conveniently handle their extremely sensitive details, such as personal data, monitor access to data dissemination, avoid falsification of details, and maintain high credibility.

IT engineers in India who are seeking to shift jobs are taking an exam to verify their skills beforehand. This ability check can be done digitally and the tests will be automatically connected to the mobile download. This enables job-seekers to save their skills certificate accurately. This credential will be used by businesses that have been granted access to it. It reduces the requirement for every organization to take an ability search exam and improves the likelihood of the applicant getting shortlisted. This PoC will be done in conjunction with HackerEarth, the creator and supplier of IT expertise training.

Since the last three months, August to October 2020, the two companies try to build equal work prospects throughout India and Japan, based on the expertise, awareness, and accomplishments of job-seekers and based on the outcome, NEC plans to introduce a direct recruitment service by FY2020.

Besides, given the effects of the latest coronavirus outbreak, the PoC should examine the best approaches to deliver facilities that can react successfully to developments in potential jobs and working conditions in India and Japan. With this approach to implementing a POC using the new ICT, all organizations can lead to an environment where citizens from all around the world can function in various ways, and where they can openly associate and collaborate.