Body Diversity: Redefining Beauty Standards with Plus-Size Lingerie

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Body Diversity: Redefining Beauty Standards with Plus-Size Lingerie By Pooja Merani - COO of Wacoal India

By Pooja Merani – COO of Wacoal India

The fashion industry has long been associated with unattainable beauty standards, perpetuating a narrow portrayal of beauty that often alienates individuals who don’t fit into the prescribed mold. However, recent years have witnessed a transformative shift in the industry’s approach, with a growing emphasis on body positivity and inclusivity. Wacoal has been leading the charge in promoting body diversity since its inception. With an extensive array of products designed to cater to all body shapes and sizes, including cup sizes reaching up to 44FF, Wacoal has become a trailblazer in embracing and celebrating the diverse beauty of every individual.

Additionally, every year, Wacoal’s Human Science Research Centre in Japan conducts a range of research studies centered around women’s bodies. The brand gathers measurements from around 1,000 women and girls aged 4 to 69.  Wacoal has been measuring over 100 women continuously for more than 55 years now to provide them with the most suitable fit. For example, for women in their 20s, we have designed products that will support gentle shaping and lift, while for women in their 40s, we have designed products that will give a fuller appearance.

Body Positivity and Representation:

The push for greater body positivity in the fashion industry has resulted in a significant increase in the representation of diverse body types. Campaigns and runway shows now showcase models of different sizes, ethnic backgrounds, ages, and abilities, effectively challenging the previously dominant concept of beauty as a singular, uniform ideal. This drive for inclusivity has been spurred by consumers’ desire to see themselves mirrored in the media they consume and the products they purchase. Wacoal has responded to this call for representation by featuring models of varying body types in their campaigns, reinforcing the idea that beauty is boundless.

Expanding Size Ranges:

One of the most critical steps toward inclusivity in the fashion industry is the expansion of size ranges. Traditionally, many brands limited their offerings to a narrow range of sizes, neglecting the needs of those whose bodies fell outside these predefined norms. Wacoal, on the other hand, has been at the forefront of change, recognizing the importance of providing fashionable and well-fitting lingerie for individuals above standard sample sizes. Their dedication to offering cup sizes up to 44FF ensures that women of all body types can find intimate wear that fits comfortably and enhances their silhouettes.

Empowering Plus-Size Women:

By embracing body diversity, Wacoal has played a pivotal role in empowering plus-size women and challenging society’s outdated beauty standards. Plus-size individuals have long been marginalized and underrepresented in the fashion world, making it challenging for them to find clothing that makes them feel confident and beautiful. Wacoal’s dedication to catering to the needs of these women through its innovative products, such as the Back Appeal bra, which provides much-needed back support for curvier women, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to uplifting and empowering their customers.

Beyond Beauty: Self-Expression and Confidence:

The impact of Wacoal’s inclusive approach goes beyond promoting diverse beauty standards. It extends to fostering self-expression and promoting confidence in individuals of all shapes and sizes. When individuals feel seen and accepted by the fashion industry, they are more likely to embrace their bodies and feel comfortable expressing their unique style. Wacoal’s global best-selling styles, like Visual Effects and Awareness, cater to a wide variety of sizes, allowing women to choose lingerie that resonates with their personal preferences and enhances their self-confidence.

The fashion industry’s journey toward body positivity and inclusivity are still ongoing, but brands like Wacoal have demonstrated that progress is possible. By expanding its size ranges, featuring diverse models, and promoting a more inclusive vision of beauty, Wacoal has redefined the standards of beauty in the lingerie industry. As we continue to champion body diversity, we can create a future where all individuals feel celebrated, confident, and beautiful, regardless of their size or shape.