Brands add a modern twist to Raksha Bandhan


Raksha Bandhan, a widely observed celebration, has arrived and is causing quite a stir among siblings. This holiday traditionally honours the relationship between brothers and sisters. But now it has a contemporary spin to it.

Additionally, family and friends join in on the festivities. Many people now ‘promise’ to safeguard their loved ones by tying rakhis or giving them presents.

Additionally, to celebrate the closeness of siblings, a variety of firms have launched advertisements featuring tales of romance, arguments, and practical jokes.

Digital campaign “Rishte Kare Mazboot” by Archies:

The pioneer in the field of social expression, Archies, has started a digital campaign called “Rishte Kare Mazboot” on all of its social media channels. The advertising campaign depicts a love-hate connection between siblings.

A brother and sister are shown in the advertisement, with the latter giving the former a card. The narrative flashes back to a conventional Indian household scene where the sister is unable to leave the house after dark. At this point, the brother defends her and makes a pitch to their father. In exchange, the sister issues him a gift card.

Because it is not simply about having fun or spoiling your siblings, this advertisement sticks out. Instead, it emphasises how, in a typical Indian household, brothers might normalise the “going late at night” circumstances for their sisters.

With this campaign, the company is toasting all the siblings who have stood up to their parents for one another.

The campaign, which was conceptualised and carried out by BBH India (a division of Publicis Groupe India), goes beyond the typical theme of “protection” that most Raksha Bandhan advertisements discuss.

It shows two sisters calling each other silly names like “Bittu” and “Bandar” to tease each other. The younger sister receives a pendant in the shape of a B (for “Bittu”) from the older sister, which causes the two of them to simultaneously laugh and cry.

Launch of an educational platform by Kinder Joy:

To raise awareness of the importance of Raksha Bandhan, Kinder Joy, the flagship brand of Ferrero India, has introduced “Kinder digital hub,” a children’s edutainment platform. Additionally, a TV commercial with the hashtag “#KhaoKheloKhushRaho” was released.

In the advertisement, a little child questions her mother as to why she needs protection from her sibling when she is capable of taking care of herself. “Ek partner hoga, toh aur acha hoga,” the mother responds.

Future campaigns for Generali India Life Insurance:

Future Generali India Life Insurance has started a 360-degree campaign with the idea of connecting fathers as brothers. To celebrate Raksha Bandhan, a young girl asks her father for a brother at the beginning of the story. He requests that she prepare a list of the qualities she seeks in a sibling in exchange. The girl quickly realises that she doesn’t need a sibling to defend her; she only needs her father.

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