Adman Titus Upputuru launches his own company


Writer, director, lyricist, and former national creative director, Taproot Dents, Titus Upputuru has launched his own advertising and film company – The Titus Upturn Company, with an interesting campaign that has created a new identity. He previously worked as the National Creative Director at Taproot Dents in Gurugram.

On this occasion, Upputuru says: “I have been in this industry for 25 years. I thought the silver jubilee was the perfect time for me to start this company. In my career, I have always been interested in the craft of writing, art direction, design and photography. In the last decade or so, I’ve also had the opportunity to direct commercials and short films for brands. I wanted to combine these skills and offer the last mile in execution because execution is what the audience ultimately sees.

We all know that video is right at the top of the marketing tools used by marketers around the world today. So, along with brand strategy and static creative solutions across media and platforms, we will offer our expertise in the video as well.” As part of the launch, the company released a set of short films that shape its identity. Each film starts with the initials TU and goes on to form a different face that correlates with the drama occurring in the video and audio.

Titled ‘Birds’, the film shows a pair of birds making eyes on their faces before flying off into the sky. Titled “The Police”, the film shows the couple hiding in a car, although a police interview can be heard in the background. Titled ‘Window’, the film shows a woman constantly looking down as if waiting for someone, even as the face of a soldier emerges from the initials.

Titled ‘Biker’, the film shows a professional look at a biker riding in reverse to the beats of a Hindi rap song. The fifth film, set in a dark trail of horns, shows how the “Pirate” emerged in the deep waters. The 12-second films cleverly use illustration, design, music and drama to highlight the company’s unique identity.

“We are excited to be able to tell stories using different mediums. The point is to keep people in your heart and show empathy. People still choose brands that have a certain quality, and share a certain human belief; brands that move people who respect them. As a creatively driven company, we wish to be a partner of such brands, while being obsessed with craftsmanship,” adds the founder.

For the record, Titus has written and directed a number of commercials and shorts, including HarperCollins India’s acclaimed haunting murder mystery ‘Parcel’ and the 2022 DadaSaheb Phalke Award-winning short ‘Nip in the Bud’ for Times Internet.

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