Brian : Must know this Technical Entrepreneur and his work


Brian launched several companies all focused on software, tech-enabled services, and data connectivity, that today serve nearly 10 million users and more than 1,500 commercial clients.  He launched his first which focused on using data to understand and influence consumer behaviour at live events.

Inspired by the complexity of data and enterprise IT, he began investing in what would eventually become the Torch software platform, the company as one of the most disruptive technology players in the data and analytics landscape.

Benefits of machine augmented intelligence was not being completely realized by teams.  Some of which are even anthropological, but the bottom line is that the plumbing isn’t receiving enough attention. You must be able to manage live streaming data, augment it in real-time, and securely disseminate it.  

Machine enhanced trust at scale is its marketing tagline. Data, systems, machine models, and humans can all be trusted. It has struck a chord. 

Data are abundant nowadays, with data sources multiplying at an exponential rate. Exploiting this and then identifying problematic workflows appears to be a never-ending source of opportunity.

Human Resources appears to be one area ripe for transformation and a fundamental misalignment between incentives and the company’s return on investment. For a scalable agile HR technique to build a live sustained feedback loop leveraging public and first-party data. 

Brian points out that there is a significant gap in the company’s AI area, namely the ability to explain precisely what the technology accomplishes for a customer. He sees a gap in the alternatives for “auditable AI,” which can audit choices. At the data object level, leaders should pay close attention to bias, traceability, and auditability.

Customers will eventually know it, even if they don’t realize it now, and those who haven’t already adopted this mentality will see their consumer base dwindle swiftly.

When it comes to the cloud, it is not only a technology but also a business model. Brian claims that the ideal leaders are well on their way to changing that paradigm.

To better understand the audience, Brian recommends introspecting clients’ actual profit to explicit improvements. One of his applications manages tens of thousands of documents every year over a massive IT infrastructure.

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