A well opponent to Artificial Intelligence now


Decision support and IA augmentation will surpass all other types of AI initiatives into first place this year and in 2025 it reaches around twice as virtual agents.

Augmented intelligence is a human-centered design model working together with AI to enhance cognitive performance. Its application has been seen in all data-mining industries.

Data analytics use various sectors in various ways. Online stores use data analytics to predict customer preferences and Political tanks use it to identify undecided voters. 

Artificial Intelligence means machine creation to work like humans while Augmented Intelligence uses those machines to enhance that human worker.    

 IA is to empower humans to work better and smarter, also termed as intelligence augmentation (IA) and cognitive augmentation, is a compliment not a replacement to human intelligence

Augmented Intelligence increments decision support, machine augmented intelligence, and enhanced intelligence with Artificial Intelligence.

IA is the key to driving rapid business value with AI. Companies that are working with AI driving new business value and showing results quickly, are usually using AI technologies to make the life of an employee better. IA is a better approach than using AI to replace human intelligence. 

Platforms that offer IA can gather all types of data from the sources, across disparate and siloed systems and give a complete 360-degree view of each customer. The insight extracted from the data is deeper and greater than ever before. Further, workers know about what is happening in their industry, what may affect their customers, and the opportunities or threats that may arise.

Combining this wealth of information with the human touch makes this technology so powerful. The nature of IA is it learns faster and timely improves means that early adopters do gain an advantage.

 IA system transforms based on how companies engage with their customers through the entire life cycle.

 In healthcare, Improving the quality of patient care and reducing medical errors expedite timely-consuming procedures. In the shopping sector, increasing shopping engagement enables online shoppers to shop the way they think by using machine cognition. An industry-led approach to IA is most impactful.

You consider the paradigm shift in how humans and machines will work together. After then you will find your recipe for success. So, say IA must surpass AI.

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