Bridging the gap in infrastructure leadership- InCoBAN Partners with Singapore Management University to Launch ALPIC Program

Bridging the gap in infrastructure leadership- InCoBAN Partners with Singapore Management University to Launch ALPIC Program
Bridging the gap in infrastructure leadership- InCoBAN Partners with Singapore Management University to Launch ALPIC Program

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], December 6, 2023: InCoBAN, a Bengaluru-based construction industry improvement ecosystem championed by a group of highly experienced professionals, has partnered with the prestigious Singapore Management University’s Executive Development (SMU ExD)  to launch the Advanced Leadership Program in Infrastructure & Construction (ALPIC). ALPIC, a one-year program starting in April 2024, addresses the leadership gaps in the infrastructure space for global south.  Developing resilient infrastructure requires maintaining a fine balance among social, economic, environmental, and institutional sustainability. With a focus on bridging the technical and social sciences gap, ALPIC aims to produce leaders with the understanding of global disruptions, emphasizing integrative approach, and blending socio-economic aspects into infrastructure development.

ALPIC is designed for global working professionals with at least 10 years of  experience, catering to Central and State governments, Multilateral Organizations, International Financial Institutions, MNCs entering the infrastructure market in emerging economies, public and private sector corporates, aspiring leaders from the infrastructure industry, NGOs, political and social organizations, and academia. The program is designed in such a way that everyone involved in these areas can benefit irrespective of their disciplines. ALPIC is looking for students from India, Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia to begin with.

Elaborating on the problems faced by the infrastructure sector, Eddie Tritton, Executive Director, SMU Executive Development, Singapore Management University said, “Construction and infrastructure sector is facing key challenges particularly when it comes to the financing and timely delivery of key infrastructure projects. Another challenge is the absence of specific skill sets that are crucial for infrastructure projects, resulting in a scarcity of qualified candidates for senior positions. The industry is also grappling with skills mismatch especially at the leadership level, as there is a scarcity of adequate educational infrastructure training programs.”

He added, “While efforts are underway to integrate new technology-driven innovations into Infrastructure projects, the need for the development of key leadership skills that are geared towards ensuring sustainable infrastructure development is critical. ALPIC aims to play the role of a catalyst that helps bridge the gap and transforms participants into effective change agents with a forward-thinking approach.”

Bhagya S Nair, Co-Founder of InCoBAN Ecosystem, emphasized the strategic partnership with SMU will leverage the learning from Singapore’s exemplary leadership towards creating a world-class learning experience for ALPIC. ” SMU is a progressive and globally recognized institution, and serves as a robust academic partner, contributing distinguished faculty, certificate recognition, and comprehensive student services. In our pursuit of excellence in leadership education, we discovered the right strategic partner in  SMU for ALPIC,” she said.

She added “Singapore, renowned for pioneering urban infrastructure, boasts an impressive construction sector. It’s rapid development, efficient public infrastructure, and collaboration between industry and government serve as a benchmark for the rest of the world. Singapore’s structured interventions for sustainable infrastructure development are commendable and there is a lot to learn for the world from it. Choosing an Asian university intimately connected with the world was a key criterion in partner selection.”

The ALPIC program spans four terms over 12 months, featuring online and offline sessions. The hybrid model includes a 6-day continuous residency program in India starting at Bengaluru, fostering networking and group projects and has been designed to equip participants with a comprehensive set of skills and competencies that emphasise evidence-based thinking, leadership, positive deviation, cultural ethos integration, and navigating Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA).

The ALPIC certificate holds recognition from both SMU and InCoBAN. With distinguished faculty support, SMU ensures superior learning and educational experience, committing senior faculty members every term. Additionally, SMU provides comprehensive student services, associate alumni status, library access, and a dedicated Learning Management System.

Actively contributing to ALPIC’s success, SMU engages in promoting the program – leveraging its global recognition to enhance program visibility and reach.

InCoBAN Ecosystem advocates dignity of labour, principles of equality, workplace democracy, non-discrimination, meritocracy, collective wealth sharing, and inclusive growth. Synergasia BE-NEX Private Limited (SBPL) serves as the implementation arm of the InCoBAN ecosystem.