Burger King responds to McDonald’s disappointed fans on FB


‘Customer is King’ is an adage, and no one understands that better than Burger King (BK). In the run-up to BK Denmark’s new advertisement, the fast-food major seems to think about its own customers and also McDonald’s customers.

This is the latest saga in the love affair between the two fast-food chains, where BK Denmark had its customer service agents browse the McDonald’s Facebook page and respond to comments from angry consumers.

A 61-second video called ‘The Whopper Reply’ shows how BK Denmark pulled the feat. For eg, on McDonald’s Facebook page, and the irritated customer complained, “We’ve been waiting for 2 hours in McDrive! ”BK replied, “ Well, anyone can have a slow day in fast food. Here’s a short ‘Whopper’.

BK Denmark has started this initiative in collaboration with Uncle Grey, a creative agency that has shared a video on its Instagram page and said, “We are delighted to start a new initiative with BK Denmark to support a new and enhanced online service! We found that our burger friends at McDonald’s were struggling to react to their posts and wanted to lend them a hand. So, we stayed up all night answering messages and sending ‘Whoppers’ free of charge.”

B&T, Australia’s leading advertisement, publicity, media, and PR publisher, cited BK Sweden and Denmark marketing director Daniel Schröder as saying, “Customer support is a huge part of the whole guest experience and we haven’t done enough to take care of our guests online. When we discussed this, we found that there were still more burger lovers out there who wanted a reply. We’ve done what we can to reach out, hoping that some flame-grilled ‘Whopper’ love can reach make things happier again.”

And to shut it off, BK Denmark said about the video on its Facebook page, “McDonald’s, it’s not spam. We’re just here to help you out. “Yeah, the cheek. The face-off of the BK-McDonald is iconic. But recently, the brands decided to come together and share a kiss to celebrate Finland’s ‘Pride Month’ in September, rather than June, in most countries. In the outdoor advertisement, BK planted a large smooch on the lips of Ronald McDonald’s (McDonald’s mascot) and the tagline read, “Heart Conquers All.”

“BK has always stood for freedom, love, and everyone’s right to be exactly the way they are,” said Kaisa, Brand Manager of BK Finland. “The only situation when it does not feel that way is when we’re chatting with our rival, but we want to be transparent – it all comes from the love we have for them because we know that McDonald’s stands for the ideals we stand for, too.

TBWA\Helsinki created this initiative, which formed out of their desire to celebrate love in all its forms, Kasila went on to add, “We thought of what better way to express our ideas than to depict an all-encompassing kiss between BK and McDonald.”


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