Cadbury India releases new campaign for Gems Surprise packs as part of ‘Raho Umarless’ series


January 7, 2014: Cadbury India as part of its ‘Raho Umarless’ series advertisements released a new campaign for its Gems Surprise packs. The ad film which was created by Ogilvy & Mather started getting aired from 1st January. The campaign which aims at growing the brand a little more in the consumer’s consciousness communicates about why Detective Panda is different. The ad shows the Detective Panda changing colours when it is put in cold water.

The new campaign shows two old men who were shown fighting for Panda in the last advertisements are shown seated with two women and the lady of the house saying that it’s good that both of them are friends again. One of the women asks what is so special about Detective Panda and one of the men responds that they will never understand. During the conversation, one of them drops a Panda into cold water and it is seen that Panda changes colour. The advertisement ends by showing hand with detective panda punching through the wall and the visitors making away with the toy.

The new ‘Raho umarless’ campaign which has the old cast springs up a surprise when the two other women in the conversation are show as mothers which is quite a ‘Umarless’ way


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