Capturing real life WFH sentiments on reel, Man Matters rolls out #LetsTalkMan Campaign

  • The campaign highlights the emotional turbulence people have been going through while working from home and being covid positive

National, January 25th, 2022

Work from home’ aka WFH was perhaps the most common outcome worldwide for offices amid a coronavirus-ridden world. Now, with the world batting again with third wave, a lot of people have ‘normalized’ covid-19 and its impact. To voice the sentiments of employees who are bound to work despite being covid positive, Man Matters – Digital Health Platform for Men, has come up with a very relatable rant video featuring India’s famous stand-up comedian Kumar Varun for their latest campaign under their initiative of #LetsTalkMan, which they first launched on International Men’s Day, 2021.

The digital film executed by Spring Marketing Capital features Actor, Comedian Kumar Varun as the protagonist encapsulating the emotional turbulence of employees who have been covid positive in third wave and yet are not spared from expectations of work. The first scene begins with an online conference call, wishing employees speedy recovery and asking each other to take care of themselves. Cut to reality, in the name of deadlines, employees continue to work from home, and are expected to work and complete work as before. The rant aims to bring light that while the current wave is mild and most of us who are vaccinated will recover fast, it’s equally important to be cognizant of the fact that it still impacts our health and that of our near and dear ones.

Commenting on the campaign message, Anuroop Nair, Director – Brand Marketing, said, “From being paranoid about Covid during the first and second wave, to now witnessing a “normal” third wave, we have seen a significant shift in our attitude towards Covid-19. While we as a society have evolved, got vaccinated and will win this fight in the long term, the impact of any wave on mental and physical health is not trivial. At Man Matters, we believe in helping men open about their health & wellness needs and hence really felt like making this video to help those who are unable to in this period.”

Sandeep Balan, Branded Content Partner at Spring Marketing Capital, said, “Man Matters as brand has always pushed the boundaries on how we should open up about how we feel. In Jan’22, I think most of us feel this way but someone needed to say this and hence we finally did through this piece.”

Launched in May 2020, Man Matters ( is operated under parent company Mosaic Wellness, focused on offering curated services & products across health & wellness. Having completed more than 2L unique medical consultations across areas like hair loss, dandruff, sexual wellness, nutrition, skin, and more, Man Matters is now the largest health and wellness platform for Men in the country.

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