Moment Marketing by Manforce Condoms – Kehndi hundi si, Ultra Feel kara de


Manforce Condoms, one of the largest selling condom brands in India that never misses to leverage a moment on its social media. Audience has always appreciated the brand’s creativity on all the social media platforms. 

Yet again, the brand has leveraged moment marketing on ‘Kehndi hundi Si’ is viral on social media and leveraging the same moment, Manforce Condoms has come up with a static post.

The post says Kehndi hundi si, Ultra Feel kara de ! Taare ne pasand mainu, Manforce de naal dikhwa de

The brand has recently come up with its new range of Condoms ‘Ultrafeel Condoms’ for Ultra sensation & Ultra pleasure. The Ultrafeel range of Condoms are Super-thin with 0.05 mm thickness which gives a natural feel and ultra- sensational pleasure. It’s so thin, you’ll feel it’s next to nothing.

Here are the social media links:



The company behind the creatives is Grapes, an integrated marketing agency created a moment marketing post for Manforce Condoms with the caption Dil naal laare tu Manforce Waliye, Pleasure tera jado badhega to pata lagguga!