Case Study: Bhima Jewellery breaking stereotypes with the ‘PURE AS LOVE’ campaign


The 96-year-old brand is breaking stereotypes with the ‘Pure As Love’ campaign. The TVC released by Bhima Jewellery as a part of the campaign features the journey of a trans-woman. The beautiful and moving film has gone viral and is taking the internet by storm.

The film is conceptualized by Delhi-based advertising agency, Animal and produced by Ransom Film. The latest ad film from Bhima jewellery takes a detour from the traditional wedding narratives and traces the journey of the actress and her story of acceptance.

Bhima Jewellers is a Kerala based South Indian jewellery brand that has a legacy of 96 years. Through the ‘Pure As Love’ campaign, the brand communicates a strong statement that not only do they have jewellery for every choice, but they accept and serve without discrimination.

The ad film also covers the journey of the actress from a family standpoint. The film shows the family’s love and acceptance of their child. The jewellery gifted by the family at various points in the journey is adorned by the girl and knits the connection to her wedding day, which portrays the actress as a beautiful bride ornamented with traditional gold jewellery.

Bhima Jewellery has kept the ad film authentic by casting a real transwoman as the main lead. The one-minute-40-second-long ad film covers the real journey of transition with a positive narrative and not the cliché traumatic backdrop.

Through the ‘Pure As Love’ campaign, Bhima Jewellery aims to normalize acceptance by initiating a dialogue that is required in today’s society. In the film gifting jewellery is a form of acceptance, which shows the family blessing their child and accepting her choice. The family is by her side every step of the journey, right to her wedding day.

It took Animal and Ransom Film seven weeks to put the film together. The film features actress Meera Singhania Rehani, who perfectly portrays her life before the transition accurately in the initial part of the film.

Bhima as a brand that turns 100 in 4 years, has built its credibility over the years and with the launch of the ‘Pure As Love’ campaign they are using their voice to causes that matter today.

Talking about the campaign, Navya Suhas, the Operations Head at Bhima Jewellery Trivandrum said, “We are here to serve and empower, not judge.”

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