Digital Gold: A smart investment for today’s digital natives


Digital gold provides the capitalist with an opportunity of owning physical gold with the advantages of new-age technology that eliminates the hassles of inspecting physical gold for purity and so having to work out a secure storage possibility.

India has one of the most important period populations within the world, creating up around thirty-four per cent of the entire population and a significant part of the manpower. Millennials are early adopters of riotous technologies. They’re the primary generation to be referred to as digital natives. Every kid in an Asian country has grown up hearing that gold isn’t solely a decent investment however is also an emblem of prosperity and comes with case history and bequest connected. Gold will act as a hedge against inflation, have way less risk than Indian stocks, diversifies a portfolio and carries vital price inside itself. Today’s period generation loves a hassle-free life – they’re searching for convenience and seamless user expertise. Gold jewellery, bars and coins have needs like storage, safety and maintenance that require to be consummated. 

Hassle-free experience

Millennials square measure accustomed digital-first and straightforward approach thanks to their regular use of apps and online platforms that create data and information. they incline to avoid the time-intense ways that of face-to-face interactions and like the economical ways that of digital.

Digital gold offers the capitalist an opportunity of owning physical gold with the advantages of new-age technology that eliminates the hassles of inspecting physical gold for purity then having to work out a secure storage choice.

Lower barrier of entry

During the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, gold became a fair and enticing investment choice because of its name of being stable and resilient, despite the state of the securities market. Millennials found finance within the Muntz metal quite ever before. The platforms giving digital gold had AN favourable position over ancient suppliers as they lowered the barrier of entry by creating third quantities of gold accessible to get digitally. This additionally saw demand from millennials World Health Organization had ne’er endowed in gold before. 

Invest once the worth is correct

The older generations square measure inclined to purchase physical gold on auspicious dates like on Akshaya Tritiya or Dhanteras. However, millennials square measure a lot of sensitivity to the costs of gold and would like to shop for it once the costs decline. Such spontaneous investment is created easier with digital gold as associate degree capitalist will create an acquisition deal} at the precise right moment and might additionally buy the maximum amount or as very little they want to.


As technology evolves, therefore can people’s preference for investment tools. Millennials are united more and more turning to digital alternatives and like to try to invest themselves. Hence, it’s safe to conclude that the generations following millennials can slowly begin to show the normal models redundant.

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