Case Study: How to build your own athleisure brand: The Athletics Mvmnt


Production is the most arduous and challenging element of every fashion and luxury company. It is at the heart of the business. In a generation where consumers are curious to learn where, how, and who creates the item of clothing they wear, a fully transparent and sustainable supply chain becomes inherent to the brand genetics. Now, production is not a process that happens backend; it is a process that is right in the front and center.

Some hurdles hold a dream from becoming a reality. These unfriendly components, like certifications and eco-labels, which carry a thick price tag, for rising brands inspired fashion industry visionary Courtney Capretto to start a customizable, athleisure brand building service, The Athletics Mvmnt. The idea was to build an enterprise committed to lending a helping hand to both in the making and experienced brands as they witness the design, development, and production of sustainable athleisure wear.

What’s athleisure wear?

Courtney says that she comprehends how profuse it can be to build an apparel brand. An infinite amount of questions about the process have been asked to Courtney, and she thought what’s best to share everything she knows about creating one’s apparel brand. Hence, The Athletic Mvmnt became the major spot for brand building that uses technology-driven, efficient, and user-friendly.

From selecting styles to the application of logos, everything takes place through the company’s website. The core of this is to guide brands through the whole process from scratch to vision. Besides garments, The Athletics Mvmnt also takes care of custom labels, packaging, tags, and design services for logos and artwork.

They have an array of selection of fabrics, and they are all eco-friendly. They also offer brands easy access to apparel alternatives. The manufacturers involved in producing orders are also determined to sustainable fashion. Everything at The Athletics Mvmnt is manufactured locally at a family-run establishment in Los Angeles. They cater innovations like digital measuring and placing before cutting fabric to reduce waste.

After the design stage, 3D previews are made available. Once that is completed, The Athletics Mvmnt dives into their broad branches of networks or suppliers to deliver quality, sustainable collection.

Generally, these phases take a big, expensive team of consultants to gather information and implement the necessary. Also, this would eliminate the guesswork involving launching a company that is accountable yet profitable. Clients receive peace of mind understanding they have held hands with trusted and like-minded partners who are determined to be eco-friendliness.

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