Discovery and YouTube partnership to focus on Olympic content moments


Discovery, the US-based media giant, has hit up with content and advertising partnership with social giant YouTube for the upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. 

This partnership will generate the Euro sports YouTube channel showing a wide range of Olympics-based content throughout the games. Also include on-demand highlights and daily recaps of each day’s key stories and events, entertaining games moments, and key analysis.  

Because of the pandemic, Tokyo Olympics was a delay for 12 months. On 23 July, the Olympics are going to start. The Discovery 2018-24 right deal for Europe excluding Russia with international Olympics Committee. 

In both, languages English, and Germany the channel will present live streaming footage of both the opening and closing ceremonies. All the features will be available across the continent. 

Recently channel launched Discovery+, the OTT streaming platform for entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and sports programs which are currently available in eight European countries including Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK, US.

In association with YouTube provides on-demand Tokyo 2021 content is a great opportunity to make new connections with audiences. It gives the audience better ways to find the content and to be introduced to Discovery’s full Olympic Games offer. 

Discovery also has collaborations in place for Olympics with social media giant Snapchat and Twitter

Euro sport will publish real-time Olympics highlights on social media Giant Twitter to complement its comprehensive on Euro sport digital properties offering IOC the top sponsors dedicated advertising opportunities for a Twitter account. 

Rob Pilgrim, head of sport for YouTube in Europe, every nation will be competing to follow their athletes’ highs and lows so avidly, so we are glad to have Discovery and Euro sports partner with YouTube to reach more audience. 

With this idea, it will keep audiences updated with Games and display the full Olympic Games on discovery+ and Euro sports services, Euro sports YouTube channel will host regular clips during the Games. 

Audiences will have a high range of expectations on the content of the Euro sports YouTube channel during the Olympic Games, includes:

  1. Each day highlights the event as well as daily recaps. 
  2. Premium will include athlete interviews, profiles of athletes, explainers on the sports. 
  3. In both English and German languages, the Olympics will be a live simulcast.

Discovery is the Home for streaming the Olympics in Europe and its only place where viewers can access outstanding moments of the Olympics from Tokyo. 

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