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Kirloskar Industries, Kirloskar Pneumatic, Kirloskar Ferrous Industries, and others have taken refresh for their respective business vision. The refreshed vision is to align the constantly evolving future world with the desire to enhance the experience throughout the customer journey. 

Engineering-led firms are solution providers that lead to a transformed landscape, also being more customer-centric than ever before. The vision is to ensure that the products are a step ahead of time and constantly innovate in the future. 

The Limitless vision will span over eight business areas, laying the framework for the B2C domain. They are continuing to robust the growth in B2B companies. This will include large business investments for two or three years across all businesses. 

As part of this vision, a refreshed brand identity and colors have been adopted. The elements of the logo contain human-centricity and future read lines that add legacy for 130-year-old name carriers. It values Innovative thinking, Empathy, Collaboration, Integrity, Excellence, and value-creation will be deeply rooted in the operations.

The refreshed logo symbolizes the transformation and the journey towards a limitless future. The ‘i’ shows about the human icon and progressive growth of people impacted. Also indicating that always companies are striving to satisfy the needs of the customers. 

The copper patina color palette has used from shiny browns, blues, and greens. Teal will protect every element within it, and it is the final stage of the patina that protects every element in it. 

Companies are expanding their leadership to strengthen their businesses. Businesses have already undertaken their Limitless journey by integrating new-age technologies such as 3D printing, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and so on. These technologies will be more beneficial for bringing products to market to enormous cost savings. 

There is an important business investment in reality Avante spaces and Arka Fincap, the non-banking company. Based on consumer-centric and future principles the Avante space is developing the first land parcels. It includes commercial and retail offerings. 

Arka Fincap establishes as the Kirloskar Oil Engines and began the operations of the seed capital of Rs 1,000 cr. It mainly focused on the structure of the term financing for corporations and loans to MSME borrowers. 

This journey is to undertake the business into a fully integrated conglomerate. The Main vision is to change the needs of the customer in mind, and manufacturing solutions. They are looking forward to the adoption of the new technology solutions and to be exposed to best people practices and recognizes.  

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