Case study: Influencer Marketing – Next big thing


Digital marketing agency AdLift report reveals that India’s influencer market is estimated at $75-150 million a year, whereas the global market is $1.75 billion. Indians actively follow their favorite influencer, many videos and stories of fans will melt hearts. If we precisely talk about the COVID period, One of the most positive aspects that come out is SOS calls for beds, medicines, and oxygen amplify the details like fire, many people get benefit from this. Influencers actively engage with tweets or posts asking for help and support, their accounts transform into SOS message broadcasters, resource aggregators, and information providers.

Research predicts that in 2021 50% of marketers will going to spend more on Influencer marketing. They see great potential in this area, although Brands understand the sensitivity towards the consumer market within the COVID period. That’s why influencer marketing activities have fallen 40-70% in April 2021. Every influencer tries to keep extending their hands for the needy rather than focusing on marketing activities. Although their followers and popularity add on in their Social media handles. One of the best instances to look upon is Sonu Sood, he used his Twitter account in its best manner to provide support to more than a thousand people, a successful step to work on. Post-Covid this marketing campaign will get acceleration.

Youtube channel like Slayy point run by Abyudaya and Gauthami hosted a youtube live streaming on Mythpat’s youtube channel in April, Over 35 Indian influencer join the stream like Dolly singh, Tanmay Bhatt, Viraj Ghelani, Ranveer Allahbadia, Carryminati, Technical Guruji, Total Gaming, Ashish Chanchlani, Ankush Bahuguna, Abish Mathew, Salonayy, Techno Gamerz. It was a 7 hour long Charity stream and they had raised 50 lakhs which in total goes to Hemkunt Foundation, a nonprofit organization helping covid patients with Oxygen beds, medicines, and oxygen.

Right now Audience prefers more Influencers’ marketing videos rather than a celebrity endorsement. Respond and conversion rate through celebrity promotion and endorsement fallen gradually in recent months. Brands also join hands with Influencers who actively engage with their followers and build more deep connections. Trust is an essential key factor to persuade the audience to buy any products.

These influencers are not from great backgrounds, they were just normal people who exhibit their talent using different social media platforms and get appreciation from the Audience. One of the reasons why people get more connected towards them as they find their content more relatable.

Kunal Kishore Sinha, Co-founder & COO, ClanConnect AI expressed his thoughts that How these Influencers come together to form a wide network to collect COVID resources, this will expand the scope of Influencer marketing in India.  

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