Case Study: Turnkey services the next big thing in B2B?


Although the pandemic lagged everyday life for people in the world, it had the opposite effect on many fields in the business sector. In the year 2020, fields like technology, e-commerce, and education all experienced a growth increment majorly since the general mass was within their house realms and hence depended on virtual connection than ever before. However, some businesses are unable to adapt to the new “normal”.

Turnkey services are is a simple, direct platform that aids businesses to maintain their competitiveness in a shifting virtual landscape and it is dominating the B2B sector. If turnkey seems unfamiliar, it is simply a product that is completely built and ready to use for consumers.

Does it still sound unfamiliar? For instance, take the gaming industry, a sector that has witnessed major growth owing to the pandemic and the demand for home entertainment. Developers launch numerous new games, but installation can be a tedious process for online gaming platforms. Gamers might want to execute new games or change to an updated version, but the process can be tiring and extensive to be installed.

So, Bragg Gaming Group leveraged this as an opportunity. This international gaming technology company acts as the middleman between game developers and gaming distributors. One of their platforms named ORYX combines content and makes it available to the developer in an instant. Their clients have immediate access if a new game is released rather than waiting for the months required to install.

Turnkey services, like Bragg, provide to the gaming industry, offer one-of-a-kind benefits for businesses in the B2B field. As a business model, this readymade service streamlines enterprises because it is unchanged every time a new client signs in. Fiscally, this refers to the idea that turnkey technology services can reduce the chaos of onboarding new clients and focus and maximize profits.

With this business model, Bragg’s PaaS provision can collaborate across countries, languages, and even smaller divisions within the gaming arena. This model could provide B2B companies, of almost any field, with various opportunities for business and more space to grow.

In the past five years, Bragg’s ORYX software has not lost a single customer, which proves its success largely because its tech aids businesses on both sides to benefit from their platform and library of games. However, keeping aside all this success and achievement, are turnkey the future? The last few months have been unpredictable in many ways and so, can’t that happen about the competitiveness of sectors in various fields?

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