Castrol CRB TURBOMAX brings Pragati Ki Paathshaala in association with TV9 Network to upskill Indian truckers

Castrol CRB TURBOMAX brings Pragati Ki Paathshaala in association with TV9 Network to upskill Indian truckers
Castrol CRB TURBOMAX brings Pragati Ki Paathshaala in association with TV9 Network to upskill Indian truckers

Chennai: Castrol India Limited, India’s premier lubricant manufacturer, in association with TV9 Network, announces the ‘Castrol CRB TURBOMAX Pragati Ki Paathshaala’ initiative, building on the ethos of its latest campaign ‘#BadhteRahoAagey’. This purpose-led initiative aims to spur entrepreneurial zeal and enhance the professional competencies of truck drivers across India with an on-ground planned reach of over 100,000 truckers. In a show of support, Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, launched the campaign by unveiling the logo, along with Mr. Sandeep Sangwan, Managing Director, Castrol India Limited and Mr Raktim Das, Chief Growth Officer (Broadcasting & Digital), TV9 Network.


In its first phase ‘Castrol CRB TURBOMAX Pragati Ki Paathshaala’ will embark on a two-and-a-half-month journey on two specially designed trucks taking different routes covering all the four regions across India. The enroute journey will engage truck drivers in interactive, on-ground Paathshaalas across planned Transport Nagars on their way. The knowledge sessions have been curated to upskill truckers around four  key aspects—Driving Safety, Truck Ownership, New Technology and Business Profitability—empowering them to #BadhteRahoAagey.


Appreciating the initiative, Shri. Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, said, “The road ministry of India is committed to ensuring the safety, well-being and progress of truck drivers by undertaking multiple initiatives. The Government has built state-of-the-art expressways and enacted laws to curb road accidents, but lack of fear and discipline among drivers  is a huge challenge. I congratulate Castrol India for launching ‘Pragati Ki Paathshaala’ which is a step towards building awareness and encouraging truckers to #BadhteRahoAagey.”


Mr. Sandeep Sangwan, Managing Director of Castrol India, stated, “The trucking community has always been an integral part of Castrol India, and we have been continuously striving to ensure their safety and livelihood through various transformative initiatives. ‘Castrol CRB TURBOMAX Pragati Ki Paathshaala’ is a purpose-led programme through which we aim to reach more than 100,000 truckers on-ground across India, upskilling over 10,000 truck drivers with live Paathshaalas enabling them to #BadhteRahoAagey. We are humbled by the encouragement from Shri Nitin Gadkari, as he himself has steered initiatives to ensure the safety and well-being of truck drivers over the years. His show of support vindicates our commitment to improving the lives of India’s trucking community.”


Highlighting the challenges of the trucking community and benefits availed through the initiative, Mr. Sangwan added, “More than 50% of India’s truckers operate in unorganised



fleets or as individual owners. The programme aims to boost their entrepreneurial mindset and directs them towards the path of progress – bringing alive the idea of #BadhteRahoAagey.”


Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, well-known for his earnest altruism in helping the common man, has come on board to endorse the noble cause as the campaign ambassador for ‘Castrol CRB TURBOMAX Pragati Ki Paathshaala’. He will pay tribute to the often-unsung trucking community for their selfless service and encourage them to #BadhteRahoAagey.


“I salute our unsung heroes of the transportation industry – the truck drivers – for their relentless hard work. ‘Castrol CRB TURBOMAX Pragati Ki Paathshaala’ will help the truck drivers equip themselves with the skills and expertise to progress in life. I wish them luck on their journey to a brighter future and would like to tell them ‘Pragati Ki Paathshaala ke saath #BadhteRahoAagey,Sonu Sood, said.


TV9 Network, which has been championing the cause of truck drivers through multiple campaigns, is again at the forefront of empowering this often-neglected community. Mr. Raktim Das, Chief Growth Officer (Broadcasting & Digital), TV9 Network, said, “Empowering truck drivers is more than just keeping the wheels turning; it’s about moving the nation forward. Recognizing the crucial role of truck drivers, TV9 Network, India’s No 1 news network, has partnered with Castrol CRB TURBOMAX to enhance their skills. In the face of rapid changes in India’s automotive sectors, truck drivers need to continually hone and upgrade their skills. With the Pragati Ki Paathshaala campaign, we aim to provide essential knowledge and guidance, ensuring they remain the backbone of India’s economy while adapting to the sector’s transformation for a brighter future.”