Cavinkare launches Bacto-V, the toilet seat sanitizer


In families, shared toilets have gained themselves a reputation as a source of bacterial infection. As several health experts have reported that enclosed spaces such as toilets are the super-spreaders of the COVID-19 virus, the recent pandemic has not eased the condition. With the sharing of toilets being a normal practice across millions of households in India, Cavinkare is expected to ease customer minds throughout this time of trouble with innovation at its heart.

The FMCG major has announced the launch of Fast Action Formula driven Bacto-V toilet seat sanitizers that help kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the toilet seat.

The toilet bowl surface maintains viruses and bacteria which are likely to migrate and settle on surfaces released while flushes. With this in mind, as a preventive measure, CavinKare has formulated and introduced Bacto-V toilet seat sanitizer to help control bacteria on the surface of the toilet bowl and adjacent surfaces.

Shared toilets in homes are one of the reasons for UTI infection among women, in addition to the spread of disease. In India, 50 percent of women suffer at least once in their lifetime from a UTI infection. The convenient-to-use product was packaged in a 94 percent alcohol spray and use format, resulting in a quick-drying formula for efficient sanitization. The powerful R&D team of CavinKare has developed Bacto-V Toilet sanitizer to assure that it is healthy on the skin.

“Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, CEO& Director, Personal Care & Alliances, commented on the launch,” We have redirected all our energies during this time of a pandemic to innovate and introduce sanitary products for the entire household. We wanted to provide an imaginative and straightforward approach directly addressing the source point of contamination, the toilet bowl surface, with the awareness that enclosed spaces such as toilets at home may be a source of contamination.

They have introduced Bacto-V toilet sanitizer as a point of difference in the market with fast and efficient action at cheap prices, backed by comprehensive research, giving it the CavinKare edge.

Bacto-V Toilet Seat Sanitizer crafted and packaged as a spray and use can, makes it convenient for customers to use toilets without worrying about contamination. The product is available on e-commerce websites in a 50ml can and an exclusive combination of 50ml cans-Toilet Safe-T Pack is also available. The price of the 50ml cans is Rs. 120 and the combo packs are Rs. 240.


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