Celebrate 75 years of Independence with discovery+‘s myriad of shows that celebrate all things India

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India, a magical land of vibrant colours, idyllic landscapes, and rich history is unlike any other country. From its inception as one of the oldest civilizations to expanding into a global superpower, our mighty nation offers a diverse feast for the senses. And what makes India so great? Its diversity.

On the golden occasion of the 75th Indian Independence Day, indulge in the ever-expanding roster on discovery+ that is home to exclusive content celebrating patriotism, diversity, and our powerful military unit, namely with fan favourite franchises like Women Fighter Pilots, India Living Traditions, Breaking Point, India Emerges, OMG Yeh Mera India, Tales of Valour, India 70 Wonders, India Marvels and Mysteries, Special Operations and many more.

These tales of real grit will promise you a goose-bumps-inducing experience and awaken your love for the country.


  1. Women Fighter Pilots

A two-part series that showcases the tale of three women fighter pilots. Creating history, the first batch of three women fighter pilots – Avani Chaturvedi, Bhawana Kanth and Mohana Singh – were inducted in the Indian Air Force fighter squadron. A significant milestone for the Indian Air Force, as this marked the first time it permitted women in combat roles

  1. India Living Traditions

India: Living Traditions is an illustrious presentation of the country’s vibrant culture, mystique, and an ode to India’s rich cultural heritage. Showcasing the diversity of incredible India, the programme puts the spotlight on some of the country’s varied traditions that are fast disappearing or transforming rapidly.  It investigates and explore myths, folklores, festivals, performing arts and crafts of these lesser-known communities

  1. Breaking Point – Indian Submariners

Yet another hit episode from the famous Breaking Point franchise is the Indian Submariners, a series that unravels the underwater warriors of Indian Navy’s submarine arm. The four-episode series will give the viewers a window into the world of complex, high-technology platform like the submarines through the eyes of a commoner and anchor, Harman Singha.

  1. Breaking Point – Air Force Academy

 “Breaking Point: Indian Air Force Academy” will follow four cadets — Mudit Tewari, Priya Sharma, Amogh Bhandralia and Kartik Thaku — as they undergo various stages of training at the famed institution in Dundigul, Hyderabad.

  1. India Emerges – A Visual History

India Emerges: A Visual History is a unique snapshot of one of the most fascinating periods in modern Indian history. Witness historic events like Indian soldiers in World War I and the rise of the Indian national movement in the series

  1. OMG! Yeh Mera India

OMG! Yeh Mera India one of India’s longest-running factual entertainment series that presents incredible stories from different parts of India including bizarre food, strange rituals to rare talents and unexplained events

  1. Tales Of Valour

‘Tales Of Valour’ is an authoritative factual documentary series which presents the valiant stories of bravery by the Indian soldiers. Featuring 13 exemplary heroic tales from the crucial battles India has fought since independence, Tales of Valour chronicles the heroic stories of resilience and sacrifice of Indian soldiers.

  1. India 70 Wonders

This series features 70 amazing stories of India and Indians. It looks at everything that puts “incredible” in India including man-made marvels, extraordinary people, geographical wonders, and cultural diversity.

  1. India Marvels and Mysteries

The show will bring viewers stories of ancient and medieval India whilst taking the viewers to some of India’s unique historical locations. India Marvels and Mysteries showcases some of India’s most unique historical sites are unearthed from the depths of the past, taking viewers back in time to uncover little-known facts and bring them to the screen.

  1. Special Operations India

Special Operations: India Surgical Strikes is the story of India’s mission in hostile territory. This historic military action highlights the heroism of our soldiers inside enemy territory whilst using dramatic recreations and first-person accounts of BTS actions, and the details of where and how the counter terrorist operation came to life.

Get ready to uplift your spirits sky-high by tuning in to these shows and many more on discovery+


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