Celebrate Friendship’s Day with an Eze Perfumes gift set

Celebrate Friendship’s Day with an Eze Perfumes gift set
Celebrate Friendship’s Day with an Eze Perfumes gift set

As Friendship Day (August 6th) approaches, Eze Perfume is thrilled to share      two       enchanting perfume gift sets, specially curated to honour the essence of friendship. The brand believes that true friendships are like precious fragrances, the essence of which is captured       in the Eze Discovery Sets, a selection of carefully curated fragrances for your besties.

Each gift set features a harmonious blend of the finest fragrances, artfully packaged to convey the spirit of camaraderie. Whether you want to express gratitude to your bestie or surprise them, they are the perfect choice for Friendship Day.

Eze Discovery Men Gift Set 

This unique gift set offers a selection of Man and Unisex fragrances, where you get to experience the intensity and allure of the thoughtfully crafted scents. This gift will leave a lingering note as they express one thrill after another with its glamourous notes. Four      varieties of Eze Perfumes are available in travel size vials     : Eze Surge, Eze Elation, Eze Nomad, and Eze ID. Each perfume is distinctive in terms of its fragrance, ingredients as well as appearance. Price: INR 495. 

Eze Discovery Women Gift Set

An effervescent combination of Woman, and Unisex fragrances awaits you! Gift this terrific gift set for a sublime series of elevating experiences. Indulge a loved one with these enchanting scents that play with the senses with its fragrant notes. The four       varieties of Eze Perfumes that are available in travel size vials      in this gift set are: Eze Awe, Eze Joy, Eze Flow, and Eze Vibe. Price: 495 INR. 

Available on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Smytten, Meesho and ezeperfumes.com.