Center fresh and Dharma 2.0 collaborated for two digital films


Center fresh is Perfetti Van Melle’s leading mint and gum brand. Center fresh is known for its refreshing approach to consumer engagement. Center fresh is a band for fresh breath confidence.  

Center fresh has collaborated with Dharma 2.0 for the production of two digital films. The collaboration aims to leverage Dharma production’s expertise to create a unique and creative digital film. 

Wavemaker India along with Ogilvy India will facilitate the campaign. Ogilvy India is known for its creative expertise.

Dharma 2.0 is a newly created arm of Dharma productions. Dharma 2.0 will only focus on creating ad films. Dharma productions is a leading and renowned name in the Bollywood industry. It has produced many super hit dramas and megastar blockbusters.

Dharma Productions is also known for its rom-com hits. It has made versatility it’s key USP. The brand embraces change and is confident to take the first move. Dharma Productions dictum is relevant to Center fresh’ promises.

Dharma 2.0  and Center fresh will release two digital films that will explore the possibilities and nuances of fresh breath confidence along with the Dharma twist. 

The story will have the iconic Bollywood treatment that’s contemporary, fresh and relatable. The films will portray Center fresh’ dictum of fresh breath confidence.

Parda is the first film under this collaboration. Anjali Sivaraman and popular actor & dancer Shantanu Maheshwari are the leading actors for Parda. The film portrays how will one initiate a conversation with someone they like in mask-wearing times. 

Living a normal life wearing a mask is a question for current times. Parda deals with this question at its heart.

Parda’s storyline portrays the morning office-going routine of two individuals. The female lead is eager keen to break the ice and engage in a conversation with her fellow passenger in the lift.

Center fresh mints with its instant fresh breath proposition enabled the confidence of the lead protagonist. Center fresh mint provided her fresh breath and this boosted her confidence to initiate the conversation and bring alive the magic of first meetings in true Dharma style.

Dharma 2.0 and its team have been crucial in the creative ideation of the project. The film will entertain the mass and will covey Center fresh proposition of fresh breath. 

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