Centrick Marketing Solutions opens to Silicon Valley


Centrick Marketing Solutions LLP inflates its service to Silicon Valley, the errands were allotted to them by Bubble Insurance Solutions and Skin Solutions LLC, Silicon Valley.

Skin Solutions LLC has joined hands with Centrick in the promotion of its wide variety of organic skincare products, launched exclusively for menopausal women. Centrick will expertise the identity, tone, and visual language of the brand. It will propose strategies in packaging, communication templates, and e-commerce solutions for the brand. For Bubble Insurance Solutions, Centrick will expertise strategy, positioning, and launch communication for the brand. This will include movie and inert communication for both, online and offline channels.

Elizabeth Koshy founder & partner of Skin Solutions LLC said that they had chosen Centric for 3 main reasons, i.e., there were the first to offer an integrated digital approach towards the brand, Centrick’s aesthetic sense, and their clear vision.

Avi Gupta Founder & CEO of Bubble claimed that the main reason they opted for Centric was that their innovative thinking skills and adaptability.

Ray Menezes Partner & Chief Creative Officer at Centrick considers this deal as a special win for them alongside highlighting their traits such as end goal, clear cut objectives, creativity, etc.

Vikram Partner at Centrick said that he’s too delighted to work around the globe.

Vistasp Hodiwala Partner at Centrick mentioned his appreciation for the technological advancements which have enabled them to work remotely even in this pandemic effectively for clients in major parts of India, Sri Lanka and now in the USA, he also said that Centrick is looking forward to work with the start-ups emerging from Silicon Valley.

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