Centuary Mattresses teams up with Initiative India and Big FM to host India’s Largest Qoolest Sleep Concert, this World Sleep Day


Centuary Mattresses, India’s Sleep Specialist, proudly presented India’s largest Qoolest Sleep Concert on World Sleep Day, March 15th, 2024. The event, conceptualized and designed by Initiative India in collaboration with Big FM, aimed to raise awareness about the importance of sound sleep for overall well-being and provide attendees with an immersive sleep experience like never before.

Sleep concerts, a growing trend globally, focus on curating an enriching and rejuvenating sleeping experience for participants. Attendees had the unique opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate to the tunes of Swaram Band, specially curated to induce deep relaxation and promote better sleep. Hosted in Hyderabad, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, the event witnessed the participation of hundreds of people.

Vijay Kumar Mikkilineni, GM Marketing, Centuary Mattresses, said, “We are thrilled to present the largest Qoolest Sleep Concert in India. This unique event aims to educate people about the paramount importance of sleep for our overall well-being. By integrating music, relaxation, and expert insights, we aim to highlight the crucial role quality sleep plays in our lives and nurture healthier lifestyles across the nation.”

Dhirendra Singh, EVP and Mumbai Head, Initiative India, remarked, “Centuary Mattresses’ Qoolest Sleep Concert isn’t just an event; it’s a strategic masterpiece. By tapping into the trend of sleep deprivation, we, along with BIG FM, crafted a narrative that resonates deeply with consumers. This initiative positions Centuary Mattresses as a brand that understands and cares about the well-being of its audience, forging an emotional connection that transcends transactional relationships. It’s a testament to Initiative’s commitment to delivering impactful campaigns that resonate beyond traditional advertising, leaving a lasting impression on consumers and elevating Centuary Mattresses’ brand stature in the market.”


The attendees experienced a serene atmosphere by the lake with soft lighting and dreamy fog, creating an unforgettable sleep experience.

Watch the glimpse of the Qoolest Sleep Concert here: Experience the Ultimate Sleep Concert with #CentuaryMattresses! | World Sleep Day