Warner Bros. Discovery Kids Entertainment Announce New Holi Programming Filled with Laughter and Festive Fervour!

  • Join Cartoon Network, POGO, and Discovery Kids for a week-long celebration with your favourite toons and exciting shows!
  • Teen Titans Go!, Chhota Bheem, Kris: Roll no 21 and Titoo – Get ready for a spectacular festival of colors, laughter and joy!


Watch the POGO’s Holi Ki Toli promo here and Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! Holi Day promo here 


It’s time to welcome summer filled with colours, festivities, and fun! Warner Bros. Discovery unveils an exciting new line-up for its kids’ entertainment channels – Cartoon Network, POGO, and Discovery Kids, featuring beloved animated characters and captivating tales from local and global fan-favourites. Kickstarting the Holi week, new stunts and shows promise an immersive experience with laughter, colours, and more.


Holi Extravaganza


This Holi season, fans will join the mysteries and heroic experiences with ‘Teen Titans Go!’ on Cartoon Network, where a marathon of specials, movies and themed episodes starts March 24 till March 29 from 11:30 am onwards. This special programming guarantees limitless enjoyment for the entire family, offering a captivating blend of humour and adventure that will keep everyone entertained throughout the Holi week. 


On POGO, starting March 23 to March 29 at 11:30 am, fans will enjoy daily specials – movies, premieres, and new tales featuring India’s favourite homegrown superhero ‘Chhota Bheem’ and supercop ‘Little Singham’. The Holi weekend will also take viewers on an exciting adventure as Bal Hanuman joins Chhota Bheem’s fight over evil with the premiere of part three of the Big Picture –Chhota Bheem aur Bal Hanuman’, ensuring a colourful and joyous celebration for kids and families on Sunday, March 24 at 11:30 am. 


Holi specials don’t end here. Join the festivities with ‘Titto’ and ‘Fukrey Boyzzz’ on Discovery Kids as the toons take centre stage in a delightful movie marathon from March 23 to March 29 at 10:30 pm onwards. Titoo with his friends and the Fukrey gang extend a warm invitation to viewers for an adventurous and joy-filled Holi extravaganza. Exclusively featured on Discovery Kids, this movie marathon promises a perfect blend of excitement and fun for the entire family to enjoy during the festive season. 


Welcoming April fun with Discovery Kids


The anticipation builds as ‘Titoo’ and ‘Fukrey Boyzzz’ blend in their masterful pranks in the new special, ‘April Fool aur Hum Cool’, promising mysterious tales and wholesome entertainment. Starting at 10 am on April 1, the curated special will take viewers into a world of spoofs, twists, and laughter for a delightful April Fool’s Day experience for parents and kids. Brace yourselves for a captivating journey filled with clever pranks and heartwarming moments as Titoo and the Fukrey gang bring their unique charm to the special celebration.


Get ready for an entertaining experience, as the channels deliver non-stop fun tailored for kids and families this festive season. Whether it is the enchanting tales of ‘April Fool aur Hum Cool’ or other exciting programming, this month promises to celebrate laughter and entertainment.