Channel Factory Collaborates with Y&A Transformation to Enter India

Yesudas Pilla, the founder of Y&A Transformation
Yesudas Pilla, the founder of Y&A Transformation

Channel Factory, a global technology and data platform has announced its entry into India through a strategic collaboration with Y&A Transformation. The aim is to offer globally accepted ad tech solutions to YouTube advertisers in India. Y&A Transformation is a business transformation company focused on helping businesses become more agile, innovative, and collaborative, and embrace #NextPractices in the areas of consumer connect and revenue growth.

Maximizing Performance Efficiency and Contextual Suitability

Channel Factory (CF) is a Google-certified platform that helps maximize performance efficiency and contextual suitability to deliver quantum leaps on campaign performances across various KPIs including cost. CF has been successfully delivering value to global advertisers on YouTube, and the collaboration with Y&A Transformation aims to extend the same value to YouTube advertisers in India.

Entering a Matured Digital Market

Mr Robin Zieme, Chief Growth Officer – Global, Channel Factory, commented on the India launch and stated that they are delighted to enter the Indian market in collaboration with Y&A Transformation. India is one of the most happening and very mature digital markets. Recent IPL bids and the 2023 Adex projections indicate the direction in which digital ad spends in India are headed. He further stated that their API pings YouTube half a billion times each day, helping them provide a real picture of the ecosystem to advertisers.

Compelling Value for Global Advertisers

­Mr Yesudas Pilla , Founder, Y&of A Transformation and Country Lead, Channel Factory, expressed his excitement about bringing the Channel Factory proposition to India. Y&A Transformation haft-launched in India a few weeks ago and is already running campaigns for Amazon, Sugar Cosmetics, TVS Tyres, Naukri, Too Yum, Zee, etc., to the client’s delight. The platform is a well-balanced mix of clean first-party data, machine curation, human intelligence, and real-time CF learning from running various global campaigns of scale across categories. It is a one-stop solution for advertisers seeking to align their brands with the best content and reach the right audience.

Looking Forward to Building CF into Size and Scale

The strategic partnership between Channel Factory and Y&A Transformation offers a unique opportunity for YouTube advertisers in India. CF has successfully placed US$550 million worth of ad revenue with YouTube last year, almost doubling the investments each year. This success has been achieved in a brand-safe environment, which is a critical factor for advertisers. The collaboration between Channel Factory and Y&A Transformation aims to build CF into size and scale in India. The early traction witnessed by the collaboration is quite encouraging and bodes well for the future of the partnership.

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