Cheapest 5G Phone in India could be Narzo 30 Pro


The X7 series was recently introduced in India by Realme, introducing to the market the cheapest 5G phones. But it’s not going to be enough for the company, it seems. Madhav Sheth, Realme India boss, has proposed introducing 5G access to even cheaper phones. This will mean that either one or more of the upcoming phones in India would have 5G for less than Rs 19,999, which is the price for the Realme X7.

Sheth asked his fans in his tweet, “Should we make 5G smartphones even more economical”? I believe that to make more of this, Sheth is talking about a phone that costs about Rs 15,000 in India and carries 5 G support. Today, with a business-like Realme, this is entirely possible. Realme has previously brought the 65W fast charging system to a phone costing Rs 14,999. It was the Pro’s Narzo 20. Going by that, the next Narzo series phones from Realme will play the 5G card to draw buyers.

It is commonly rumored that the Narzo 30 series has three phones, just like the Narzo 20 line. A Narzo 30A, a Narzo 30, and a Narzo 30 Pro will be there. So far, only by asking its fans to vote for the best retail box concept has Realme announced the Narzo 30 model. Without any official confirmation so far, the remaining two could be in the pipeline. On China’s TENAA certification website, a Realme model with an RMX3161 number was recently spotted. This phone is assumed to be the Narzo 30 Pro since its model number is closely related to the RMX2161 model number of the Narzo 20 Pro.

While not much was revealed in this TENAA listing, it did note that this Realme phone will be a 5G phone. And maybe that’s our clue that Sheth may be dreaming about the Narzo series, if not any other new phones. The Narzo 30 Pro may as well be released in the coming weeks as the cheapest 5G phone in the company’s kitty in India. And because of the chipset, this may be true. The Dimensity chipsets from MediaTek are common with low-cost 5G phone makers. The X7 and X7 Pro from Realme use these chipsets. But there are other cheaper 5G chipsets than what the two phones have inside.

Qualcomm has recently released its low-cost 5G chipset called the Snapdragon 480, on the other hand. It is an update to the Snapdragon 460 processor that drives the Realme C17, the Bangladesh-only phone that was introduced. For the Narzo 30 Pro, Realme can choose either one. And on the flip side, a rebranded handset might just be the Narzo 30 Pro. Realme has a history of rebranding its phones for numerous markets, and the best example is the Narzo collection. The Realme V-series is China’s cheapest 5G series, so maybe the Narzo 30 Pro might end up being a rebadged phone for one of the phones in that series. For now, little is obvious.

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