Colgate introduces a Toothbrush with crucial design


Little did they know that they were not as biodegradable as their predecessors when Indians marketed themselves from miswak and neem sticks to branded plastic toothbrushes. Only the bristle of the modern instrument of oral hygiene was harm. For no cause, the reasonably strong and reliable handle of the brush is wasted.

Over 495 million adult manual toothbrushes bought in the US in 2020 are apparently expected to end up in landfill sites because they can not be effectively recycled. In India’s case, the revenue figures are considerably higher.

Oral care products may be on the road to a potential alternative to the problem-replaceable brush heads. The approach is reminiscent of the old shaving razor that just replaces the blade (blade+handle) and not the entire device.

In the US markets, Colgate has just released Colgate Keep. A handle and two replaceable brush heads are included in the starter kit of the newly introduced brush. The redesigned manual toothbrush includes about 80 percent less plastic, as Colgate suggests.

Colgate Keep is equipped with a reusable aluminum handle and a snap-on replaceable brush head. It’s not Colgate alone. Oral-B, Procter & Gamble’s oral care brand, launched Oral-B Clic around one year ago. The definition of Oral-B is somewhat equivalent to Colgate’s. The ‘Clic’ utilizes 60 percent less plastic, as per P&G’s claims.

Two bristle variants (Deep Clean with Floss-Tip bristles and Whitening with spiral polishing bristles) will be available through Colgate Keep, as well as a cheek and tongue cleaner on the back of the brush head to get rid of more bacteria.

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