Chef Sanjyot Keer and Licious team up


With the help of Licious, India’s most popular all-meat brand, Chef Sanjyot Keer, creator of Your Food Lab, is revolutionizing the Indian food content industry with their most recent series, “Chef It Up.” 

Chef Sanjyot is also showrunner on ‘Chef It Up,’ a first-of-its-kind food-based reality series. Chef Sanjyot has welcomed his famous creator buddies to the YFL studio for a fun cooking challenge in the four-episode series, a first of its type program involving creators from across India. 

The only caveat is that the producers don’t have a written recipe in front of them; instead, they have chats and some amusing portions. They simply need to follow the chef’s vocal directions to duplicate his legendary recipe in his kitchen.

The show’s most humorous part is seeing the producers try to follow cooking instructions and make comical kitchen errors. Licious is the right match for the show. As Chef Sanjyot and his creative pals recreate meaty dishes and meatier memories, Licious goods, which are renowned for their top-quality fresh meats & seafood, bring life to each of the recipes. 

With over 12 million followers on social media and 3 billion views, Chef Sanjyot Keer, one of India’s most popular culinary content creators, competes in the program among other top creators from the entertainment, gaming, and stand-up comedy industries.

Participants in the culinary challenge include Niharika NM from Bengaluru, YourBongGuy from West Bengal, Mythpat from Maharashtra, and Rahul Dua from North India, who will be preparing regional and genuine meat cuisines from throughout India.

Chef Sanjyot Keer, the founder of Your Food Lab and a digital content developer, commented on the most recent series, saying, “We’ve all seen our favorite content artists make films, but we’ve never seen them in the kitchen. I’m enthusiastic about ‘Chef It Up’ because we’re not only pushing our favorite creative to cook while having enjoyable chats, but we’re also cooking real foods from all around the nation in conjunction with Licious, especially because India is recognized for its unique culture and cuisine. My audience should enjoy the show, try the dishes, and follow the progress of the creators.

“Licious is a brand designed by meat lovers, for meat lovers,” stated Santosh Hegde, VP- Brands at Licious. So, when the chance to develop this series presented itself, we didn’t need much convincing about the near-perfect synergy that existed here. Chef Sanjyot took Licious’ love of meat and delivered it via the camaraderie, laughter, and banter that each episode so masterfully sustains. Chef it Up is one of the most vibrant depictions of the spirit of extravagant indulgence in meaty pleasures, and we hope the audience enjoys seeing it as much as we loved producing it.”

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