Licious announces India’s Biggest Meat Festival


 It is nearly hard to recall a pleasant occasion without remembering the delicious meal that was served, along with the people who contributed to the event’s unique flavour and enticing aroma. A robust, meaty dish is much more than simply a meal; it is an occasion to gather people together to settle a score, catch up with an old buddy, or rejoice in a moment of achievement with close friends and family!

With their recently created brand property, Khaane Ke Bahane, Licious, India’s largest D2C brand, is honoring this irrevocable connection between meals and memories. Licious has made a commitment to offering meaty experiences and meatier conversations since they are experts in quality and freshness. The brand hopes that Khaane Ke Bahane will enhance the concept’s elegance through thematic storytelling.

The largest meat festival in the nation will be presented to customers by India’s most popular all-meat company. The All You Can Meat Buffet is a unique festival of meaty delicacies that will take place from August 12–18, 2022, across 28 Indian towns. Customers of Licious will get access to more than 300 products over these 7 days, all of which are loaded with the biggest discounts. Licious, a company known for its premium fresh meats and seafood, is committed to giving its clients an upgraded experience by planning activities with high levels of participation.

Licious has partnered with The Great Khali to promote the spirit of supreme indulgence in an effort to capture the spirit and grandeur of the occasion! The Great Khali shows up amid the To support the spirit of extreme enjoyment, the Great Khali! The Great Khali makes an appearance in a print advertisement that breaks the mould and on Instagram videos where he expertly blends his king-sized love of meaty delicacies with the opulence of the event.

According to Prashant Verma, CRO of Licious, “As a true D2C brand, we have the chance to speak directly with our clients. We can design unique experiences like this festival because we have a sophisticated grasp of customer preferences. The Licious All You Can Meat Buffet is a meat frenzy on a grand scale. The Great Khali was therefore our apparent choice as the ideal embodiment of the concept underlying this festival. We wanted our clients to awaken to a campaign that would figuratively spark their hunger! The Great Khali does an effective job of packing a punch and then some. Through their Instagram clips, Danish Sait’s immaculate sense of comedy and Karan Kundra’s rekindled love for all things chicken give the campaign further life. It was created and put into action by the internal brand team at Licious, and it will run throughout the festival across various online and offline media platforms. The All You Can Meat Buffet, which has been painstakingly put together for all meat enthusiasts, is accessible through the Licious app and website.

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