Vi reinforces Network Engineers’ to improve customer experience


The #BestIsGettingBetter campaign, with the tagline “Best ho raha hai aur bhi Behtar,” went live over the weekend.

Over the past year, numerous international and Indian third-party agencies have regularly rated Vi as the finest network provider. The business keeps putting a priority on enhancing the client experience through exceptional network performance.

Vi has launched a campaign to highlight the efforts of its network engineers who never stop striving to make “the finest network even better,” reaffirming its commitment to providing exceptional network experiences to its customers. The #BestIsGettingBetter campaign, with the tagline “Best ho raha hai aur bhi Behtar,” went live over the weekend.

Data speeds have elevated to one of the most important considerations for mobile consumers as a result of the nation’s growing digitization, which is supported by a strong telecom infrastructure. The most recent #BestIsGettingBetter advertisement from Vi affirms.

Vi’s network advantages and its commitment to offering a better network experience are communicated.

Avneesh Khosla, chief marketing officer at Vi, commented on the ad, saying, “Vi constantly tops the network quality metrics and speed rating charts of multiple independent network testing agencies. The most recent validation from Opensignal is a support of our ongoing efforts to improve customer experience by boosting network performance.

To help Vi users do more and succeed in the digital age, our new ad celebrates the crucial role of our Network Heroes, who persistently labor in all circumstances to improve network performance continuously.

Based on the “Opensignal India Mobile Network Experience Report – April 2022,” Vi is the fastest 4G network in India, according to Open Signal, a global and independent analytics organization focusing on consumer mobile experience. According to the survey, Vi users in India had the quickest upload and download speeds in 14 markets.

The most recent Vi brand campaign consists of three humorous TV commercials that illustrate how hard network engineers work to give users the greatest possible network experience on Vi GIGAnet, India’s fastest 4G network. The engineers at Vi are dedicated to providing a superior network experience. Because of this, despite having the quickest 4G, they don’t take their success for granted. They are exerting a lot of effort and working around the clock to improve the greatest network. The focus of our new campaign is this.

The first TVC centers on 2 boys who still had questions for the network engineers despite becoming the most rapid 4G in India.

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