Consumer journey integral part of a brand’s success’


India is seeing a massive growth in d2c brands and this evolution is seeing brands cross several hurdles. Building on a similar sentiment, the e4m d2c revolution summit saw a panel of brands talk about their stories and how patience and perseverance ultimately lead to success.

The session titled ‘Success Stories’ was chaired by Utsav Malhotra, COO of Noise, who spoke to the panellists about the success mantra of building d2c brands, parameters that define success and so forth. On the panel were Mathew Joseph, Co-Founder & CEO, Sleepyhead; Aakash Anand, Founder, Bella Vita Organic; Sujeet Kumar Mishra, Co-founder & CEO, Winni; Abhineet Sawa, Co-Founder, Snapmint, and Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, Founder & CEO, Bluestone.

Speaking on the topic of consumer experience and how it is the cornerstone of delivering delight, Mathew Joseph of Sleepyhead spoke about what brought on the idea of Sleepyhead and how they moved forward with the idea. “We do a mechanism to see how we can reduce customers’ path to purchase and reduce barriers. One of the biggest barriers earlier was that the mattress was designed to be a big rectangular block. We thought, how can we make it better by compressing or packing it into a box so that it reaches home quite comfortably? So that gave us a big differentiator in terms of how people saw mattresses.”

Sujeet Kumar, CEO of Winni – a website that helps in delivering gifts and flowers for different occasions – talked about how he keeps the customer coming back and touched upon the importance of customer delight. “It was a challenge for us to map what the person is searching for. We have an in-house tech team, we inculcated machine learning and artificial intelligence. We map our customer’s journey and then we sort the products according to personality and behaviour.”

Wellness company Bella Vita’s founder Aakash Anand spoke about the three P’s that he follows to make his brand successful. “Especially in d2c, the three P’s that I always abide by are – product, pricing and purpose. Firstly, product has to be top notch quality. Secondly, price of a product has to be fairly acceptable by at least 8 or 10 consumers. Third is purpose, which is the most important. Today if your product or brand ceases to exist, will a consumer miss it? That’s the most important.”

Abhineet Sawa of Snapmint brought back the discussion to the importance of consumer journey and spoke about the journey of the company and how they worked on the need of the consumers and their specific needs to keep their brand ahead of others.

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