Dalmia Bharat launches ‘Homemaker’ campaign to celebrate Women’s Day

Dalmia Bharat Limited launches thought-provoking and inspiring digital campaign named Homemaker celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th March 2023.

Dalmia Bharat Limited, India’s leading cement company has launched a thought-provoking and inspiring digital campaign named Homemaker celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th March 2023. The construction and real estate sectors in India employ around 57 million workers, out of which only 12 percent or 7 million are women workers. Only 14 percent or fewer women are engaged in technical or managerial roles such as architects, civil engineers, supervisors, etc. Besides this, less than 2 percent of women are in leadership positions. This campaign by Dalmia Bharat emphasizes and highlights the disparity and gender ratio gap in this sector. Seeing this, Dalmia Bharat has undertaken initiatives to encourage women across India to join the construction industry and work in crucial roles.

The campaign centers around a play on the word homemaker and the difference between the word’s literal meaning and conventional or customary meaning. Normally, the word homemaker is associated with mothers and housewives who stay at home and is expected to accomplish household chores. So, the campaign aims to interpret the literal meaning of the word which means someone who builds homes. The campaign concentrates on highlighting the gender ratio gap in business and showcases that women are equally capable and skilled members of this fraternity.

The campaign will be activated and presented before the audiences through a series of teasers, testimonials, and short films or ads. The ad film tagged as because I am that woman who chooses to be a #homemaker shows and highlights how women in the construction industry are building their destinies by facing and overcoming the constant stereotypes in society.

The film opens up by showing a woman who is a homemaker but towards the end, we will get a twist as the same woman is shown as the actual engineer, contractor, and architect of homes – the actual ‘homemaker. The campaign will run across six digital platforms- LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp till March 2023.

 Commenting on the launch of this marketing campaign, the DBL spokesperson said- Conventionally, the construction industry has largely been dominated by males while only 12 percent of women are a part of this field in India. The field remains a hesitant and uncommon choice professionally among women due to typecasting and lack of opportunities. We hope that our campaign encourages more women to explore and consider opportunities in the construction industry and our company.

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