The age of the superwoman must go, says Tanishq

Tanishq launches new ad film on the occasion of International Women's Day. The film ends up with a question- Is Superwoman a compliment or an expectation?

Tanishq, one of India’s leading jewelry companies launches a new ad film on International Women’s Day. The new ad film wants society to empathize with and not celebrate the woman who has to do it all. The new ad film tries to address the social empowerment narratives directed at women. Society thinks that women may not get what they wish, but they must get everything done doesn’t matter whether they wish to or not. Thus, as per the company, the film aims at breaking society’s superwoman syndrome. They are under constant pressure and expectations from society.

The jewelry company’s new ad film aims to serve as a kryptonite to this praise- If only the recipient had agreed to such a high honor. The ad opens with a series of clips showing women winning at home, work, and social life. But after some time the protagonist utters to the voice-over- I’m a human boarding the toxic positivity where society expects a woman to be a superwoman without wondering that first, she is a human.

The film ends up with a question- Is Superwoman a compliment or an expectation?

The jewelry brand, Tanishq has collaborated with the Talented team and Superfly films for the ad film.

Binaifer Dulani, founding member and creative at Talented said- Our expectations from women are higher than we do from humans. Today, women suffer from the burden of potential. A father may get an appreciation for packing lunch for his kids on one day, but the bar for women is much higher. A woman being called a superwoman is a compliment only when it is not an expectation.

Ranjani Krishnaswamy, general manager-marketing at Tanishq said- Today women are striving to make an effortless balance between the multiple roles they play in life. They have to stand upon the constant unsaid expectations of society. But now it’s a reminder and a high time to remove the metaphorical cape of superwoman, after all, you are humans too. The ad film is inspired by the stories of many superwomen around us celebrating the other side of what goes into making them.

Commenting on the launch of the ad film Kopal Naithani, founder and director at Superfly Films said- I want to start with a question- Do women have the luxury of time? Women are busy trying to ace everything in life until we realize that it begins to take a toll on us. Sometimes we are even forgotten that we are humans. I think the climax is the is this ad campaign is a long-overdue reminder for women.

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