Britannia & Talented team up to empower women entrepreneurs

Britannia marie's aim to connect women with their younger selves

India has many examples of successful women entrepreneurs who started their startups in India and  changed the lives of thousands of people around them. The women entrepreneurs who tried to fill that gap had inspired millions of such women who put the needs of others before their dreams and passions which start fading with time.

Most homemakers wish to have financial independence but they lack support from their families and a lack of self-confidence restricts them from pursuing their dreams and ambitions and from doing something.

                                              According to a study conducted by Marie Gold, 48% of homemakers aspired to become businesswomen in their younger phase. Every homemaker has a natural entrepreneur in them. To celebrate that entrepreneur in every woman and to give them that initial support that will provide wings to their dreams, the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG ) brand Britannia Marie Gold and talented team up together to announce the launch of the 4th season of ‘ The Britannia Gold My Startup Contest ‘ for women’s entrepreneurship after three consecutive successful seasons. The contest will serve as a platform for many homemakers to present their business ideas and the best ideas will receive a whooping prize of 10 lakhs. The contest, express Marie Gold’s point of view-‘Kyunki Bahut Kuch Hai Karna’ thereby inspiring women to introspect and realize the inherent potential that lies within them.

                                                  On the day of the launch, Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer at Britannia said that women entrepreneurs have the potential to contribute to the growing Indian industry. Marie Gold is proud to provide opportunities to women who are brimming with ideas and need support via funding, mentorship, and networking to transform their ideas into big businesses.

                                                  Aarushi Periwal and Binaifer Dulani, Creatives and Founding members of Talented on launch day said women often put the needs of others before them which results in fading of their dreams and ambitions to achieve big in life and be financially independent. But if they will get the chance they will reignite the zeal in them by looking back at their younger selves and can do wonders. They will become an inspiration for many generations of women who will come after them.

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