The new virtues of Advertisements during the Pandemic


Advertisement is one of the earliest forms of communication that humans have held a grip on from ancient times. The source of communication is very crucial to deliver any specific message to the target person wherein it intakes and keeps the message preserved with him/her for a large period of interval. As time passed by, the means of advertisement also evolved, and people get used to the new type of advertisement. As the pandemic started, the advent of advertising also rapidly took place.

This was discussed in a recent conference held by e4m Health Marcom Conference. The following event was held on Tuesday wherein various leaders from the health care industry marked their presence at the conference. The event also had various media professionals and key terminology people who would give their part of the contribution to the sustainable discussion that was held at the conference.

The following conference was moderated by Rashmi Thosar, who is the founder of BrandCare and the current CEO who is serving the company dedicated to her work. The discussion panel had many business personalities and ground relief people from the health care industry. These personalities include Abhishek Gupta; the Chief Marketing Officer of Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance, Venkat Erpina, VP, Marketing of Fast&Up; Samta Dutta who is the General Manager-Marketing of Soothe Healthcare, and last on the list, Samyukta Iyer, Vice President, and the head of Marketing of Kaya Limited. The following panel discussion started with the topic of brand trust and brand value that got kickstarted with the first session during the time of Covid. Thosar initiated the conversation by the marketing communications were impacted over the term of a pandemic.

Her stake was about the gracefulness of the company that portrayed advertisements with the help of empathy and the emotional connection with the target audience. This happened because at that moment everybody in the nation felt very vulnerable and trust was something that lacked during that period. And the advertisement perspective took complete advantage of the following and communication played a very pivotal role in this as the advertisement is a medium of communication which indirectly induced the absolute solution of back trust that was given to the people who saw that ad as a source entertainment.  

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