“We won’t buy reach through heavy & unrewarding marketing spends”


With the introduction of Mirchi Plus, Mirchi has achieved progress in the digital audio OTT market after dominating the music and entertainment sectors for the previous 20 years. The Mirchi Plus app provides a vast library of original audio stories, podcasts, Mirchi’s videos, entertainment news, and more as it continues its digital transformation into a phone-first brand. 

The Mirchi app allows viewers to access their favourite Mirchi content whenever they want, wherever they are, with access to hundreds of hours of audio content and landmark performances. Mirchi, a multi-format, multi-content, hyperlocal brand, has carefully curated its app to appeal to diverse markets by including material in a range of regional languages. 

Due to their central location within the general entertainment business, audio stories today represent a large market opportunity. Storytelling and audio are popular. They will now concentrate on creating excellent material that will draw listeners in with its excitement and curiosity. 

Prashant Panday, MD & CEO, ENIL (Mirchi), chats in-depth with Adgully about the company’s plans for Mirchi Plus, including how they plan to use their extensive content library to satisfy its subscribers and expand their music OTT business. 

Mirchi has a TG that is very dispersed. Who do you intend to reach with Mirchi Plus, and could you describe the distinctive characteristics of this audience? 

Previously, the original Radio Mirchi TG was strictly 18-25 MF, SEC AB (or later NCCS AB1). However, over time, the demographics of radio listeners changed and shifted toward males between the ages of 25 and 45, more NCCS A, with the bull’s-eye at around 30. Consequently, the FM radio cosmos grew older. The changed listener profile can be explained by the fact that a lot of radio consumption has shifted to automobiles. It was an older, but wealthier, profile. However, online users are generally significantly younger. They make up around 75% of people between the ages of 18 and 34. 

In a congested market, how do you intend to position Mirchi Plus? What marketing and promotion plan will you use to encourage downloads? 

We won’t segment the market because, as I mentioned, we don’t think it’s a congested segment. For the time being, Mirchi Plus is designated as “Kahaniyon ka asli adda.” It’s a straightforward commitment to what we stand for. As I have stated, we will not purchase reach through expensive and fruitless marketing expenditures. We’ll allow our content entice users to join us. With this approach, we have experienced a lot of success. For instance, in the month of June 2022 alone, our material on YouTube received 100 million views. In order to attain those statistics, we did no promotion. Our primary goal is to produce excellent material. Additionally, our marketing strategy relies on quality content. 

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