How Content Marketing can be leveraged for brand success


The world of marketing travels as quickly as light. However, since the outbreak, that speed has grown even more as brands eagerly prepare for the holiday season. On August 10, 2022, Adgully organised the third CMOs’ Charcha event in Bengaluru. The festive blueprint for brands was the theme of CMOs’ Charcha 2022, which was inspired by the post-pandemic rebirth tale.

Over time, content marketing has grown in importance. Great narrative permeates every area of our life, from the morning newspaper to the movies we watch. It’s anything that tries to entice you while assisting the marketing in achieving their goal. In a panel discussion at the third CMOs’ Charcha 2022, speakers focused on “Content Marketing for Brand Success.” R Sridharan, Managing Editor of TV9 Kannada, moderated the panel, which featured the following speakers:

Head of Marketing at Fresh to Home – Vanda Ferrao

Head of Marketing, Digital and E-Commerce at AirAsia – Ranjith Kumar

Augmont – Gold for All’s Chief Marketing Officer – Dr. Sumesh Ramankutty

DailyHunt’s executive director – Ravanan N

GM of Dunzo – Tanveer Khan

R Sridhadharan opened up the discussion by asking Vanda Ferrao of Fresh to Home, “You in some sense have to modify people’s routines, which is not an easy thing to accomplish. How did you approach that? What function did content play in defining the channels via which you would deliver your message—fresh, chemical-free antibiotics—? How did you spread this message and alter buying patterns?

“That’s actually my brand plan, and it’s confidential,” Ferrao retorted. “Even though it’s a serious subject, I’ll just mention a few things. Anything you put out that the consumer absorbs is considered content and is highly weighty. There are numerous platforms for publishing content, including social media, SMS, TV advertisements, and emails that you send. You must interact with consumers at the most crucial point in order to effectively use all that makes up content.”

“We need to impact a significant process and a change in behaviour, and content, in my opinion, is crucial to achieving these goals. Because you cannot talk down to the user, the sort of information is crucial. You must communicate what you genuinely want to say in a very polite, kind way. Therefore, it’s crucial to clearly define the brand strategy, choose the best platform for communication, and implement it across all platforms. Sridharan then turned his attention to Tanveer Khan from Dunzo and questioned, “How can you go on convincing the folks who require everything in life in 15 minutes?”

Khan observed that behaviour evolves over time. “It takes time, and because of the way we think in India, we take our sweet time to change the way we see things. Perception, in my opinion, becomes crucial for us. One positive development was that, by default, individuals realised how crucial supply of necessities was during the lockdown.”

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