Why are brands early for the festive season party this year?


Fall or fall season kicks off in the US when Starbucks releases its Pumpkin Spice Latte. There is a joke that they are released earlier and earlier each year to match the weather patterns.

As a result of a glimpse into India’s festive season, this author believes that the festive season will begin in his July 2019, and that by 2026 he will reach $1.407 trillion and by 2030 he will generate $1.8 trillion. I received an email informing me that I have exceeded. The author received an email informing him that the festive season has already started in July, so it’s likely that he’ll be able to take advantage of the more developed markets in the west. Further elaborating on the point, Pinterest reports that the Christmas promotional opportunities are from July to December.

 “The pandemic has dramatically changed consumer behavior, with people choosing quality over quantity. In addition, incentive incentives such as cashback, special coupons, last-day offers, and free EMI use flawed but compelling logic to increase urgency and competitiveness, persuading shoppers to spend more to save money, he said of the impact of the pandemic: With the spread of the internet and smartphones, marketers are also trying early and aggressively
“Multimedia advertising and solid gift-wrap promotions are becoming more commonplace for businesses. There are several ways businesses and brands can engage with their audiences during the holiday season.
Others plan their purchases months in advance. Some buyers wait until the last minute. For me, marketing his initiative at the start of the celebration offers more opportunities for marketers, “he adds.

Bharati Balakrishnan, Country Head and Director of India at Shopify, said: While the majority of Millennials living in Tier 1 metropolitan areas shop online regularly, Indians living in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are also starting to browse and shop online. . In fact, Shopify’s 2021 Festive Shopping Outlook Report found that more than half (53%) of millennial consumers outside of major Indian cities strongly prefer online shopping. More broadly, three-quarters (77%) of Indian consumers plan to shop online during the holiday season due to convenience. ”No need to wait for a big event or festival. You can enjoy “a little celebration”. So festive shoppers have turned to shopping for smaller gatherings and activities, not just for big festivals,” Baran said, adding, “In India, it makes even more sense to start early. I’m here. Celebrations start as early as July and August with Ganesh Chaturthi, Raksha Bandhan and more.

In such cases, creating a separate IP for each celebratory event would not be wise. Additionally, the media needs to be aggressively and inclusively pushed to make a dent in all the noise during the celebratory event. Additionally, these events are so close together that there is very little time to build IP for celebration campaigns.

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