Brands and their Ganesh Chaturthi revelry


The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country. The 10-day festival began in Maharashtra and was celebrated across the country on Wednesday as the pandemic no longer overshadowed celebrations and large gatherings.

Several brands are using social media handles. increase. I sent my greetings to my social media followers. Brands customized their logos and used elements of their brands and products to represent Lord Ganesha. Swiggy used paper napkins to create a Ganesha shape, and McDonald’s used potato wedges to create an abstract image of the elephant god.
Many things are different at the start of the Christmas season this year. We’re very careful with the wind, but this year’s celebration experience is very different from anything we’ve experienced in the past. This time of year always exudes positive energy.

Ganesha A common phenomenon in Maharashtra during Chaturthi is the most famous place where idols of Lord Ganesha were erected. That wasn’t the case this year, so Fortune Foods has #AamchaGharChaRaja to bring the exact same concept from these famous places to every home.
Despite all the turmoil, brands are now preparing to get back to work this holiday season. The market is ideally one of the times when consumer spending is on the rise and some brands have already started the recovery process. brought back all the energy of the festival with the sounds of the Nasik puppets and various kitchen tunes, bringing the whole atmosphere of the festival to life. border of our house
“Although the pandemic has brought new challenges to every household, home cooking has become a national hero. Ganesha’s Chaturthi was celebrated with enthusiasm throughout Maharashtra. We are helping people create quality recipes using a range of hands-free products so they can enjoy a range of delicious treats this festive season without compromising their health and safety.

Fortune Foods have teamed up with MasterChef India Season 5 Winner Kirti Bhoutika and Masterchef India 6th Top 5 Chef Natasha Gandhi to create a popular festival recipe that is a true highlight of the fun Marathi video It was also published in Chinese and Hindi to deepen the connection with the audience. Their creators participate in many local content to showcase #AamchaGharChaRaja. Experience Commerce CEO Sein
Sandip Maiti said: On-site content production is a daunting task as the safety of staff and content creators is paramount, but agile production initiatives make this Ganesha a true Galkha flavor of Chaturthi, giving birth to Khana. i am ready. It is imperative that brands develop effective recovery plans in the coming days. Almost all traditional marketing and customer interaction models have been disrupted in the wake of the pandemic, forcing brands to look differently.

 Experts are putting money into the holidays to reinvigorate the market. After successfully completing the Ganesh Chaturthi campaign with maximum impact, Fortune Foods naturally got a head start on its road to recovery.

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