Jameela Kapasi, Digitotal: Mobile-driven Marketing


We are a start-up providing digital marketing services. From branding to development, designing to promotion, we offer a complete package, an all-in-one solution to our clients. The journey has been incredible and very insightful so far. We have worked with various industries in the past year and have had the chance to learn and grow with our clients.

So, during the lockdown, I observed many homemade brands and SMEs had emerged online to show their talent via TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc. Since these home brands weren’t tech savvy and struggled to get their content online, they were charged highly by MNCs for services like creating a website. A couple of my friends also caught on to this. So, I decided this had to change, I helped my friends, and through word-of-mouth, we got more and more home brands up online, where initially we started very small, a team of just 2 of us, me and a friend.

I would manage the technical part, and he would look into the business aspect. Both of us are getting acquainted with the actual meaning of entrepreneurship. From that to now, a year later, we have grown to a team of 11 co-workers. We assist brands by helping them reach the maximum audience and suggest services that are right for them at that moment with reasonable pricing. We design and develop customized web applications and websites based on the client’s requirements and keep them in sync with the brand’s vibe.

Our core services include website development, software development, customized web applications, and mobile apps. Most of the population is on social media now. Instagram or YouTube, kids or adults, everybody is dependent on social media in some way or the other. Be it searching for a recipe by a mother or watching an unboxing video of a Lego castle by a child, everybody is inclined to social media for content.

A paid partnership is something that is trending right now where businesses collaborate with influencers that have large followers to promote their product with a creative script. Or even DIY projects, that’ll encourage people to create items and give them a personal touch. Whichever way you create a strategy to pull the audience towards you, it needs to be unique and creative.

Digital marketing is a very deep concept. I would like to tell them that they shouldn’t just copy-paste templates to deliver to the client. In fact, they should take this opportunity to learn about their client’s business and curate and customize their services according to their client’s requirements. With this approach, they will build up their own skillset and knowledge about various industries.

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